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Introduction by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. - Medical Director, The BioSanctuary Green Body & Mind Healing Center

Ms. Mason & Inner-Fit team up for another full house lecture on Shangrila Biospa's CORE Detox, Chelation and Individual Biochemical Corrective Analysis at In-Shape Health Club March 11th. Visit for more information.

The Green Body and Mind Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation (ONR) Program integrates nutritional bio-repair, and mind/body energy healing to correct addictive biochemistry at the cellular level and deliver you to your natural, healthy non-addicted state, free from not only addiction but the symptoms that brought you to it.

ONR is the science of thoroughly detoxifying the cells while providing nutriceutical targeted nutritional therapy and mind/body/energy clinical support for minimal transitional discomfort (withdrawal symptoms) and rebalancing the neuroendocrine system. After detoxification has been accomplished and healing has been initiated, laboratory testing reveals the underlying cause of the original symptoms. It is critical to identify what created the addictive biochemistry experienced in symptoms such as anxiety, cravings, depression, mental/physical fatigue, panic attacks, loss of passion for life, feelings of emptiness, increased perception of stress, attention deficit disorder, etc.

Laboratory testing includes:

  • Brain chemistry analysis of major neurotransmitters including serotonin, GABA, beta endorphin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine
  • Hormones
  • Live blood cell analysis
  • Neuroendocrine analysis which includes thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, hypothalamus, sex organ, pancreas and parathyroid function
  • Other tests such as methylation and Krebs cycles, allergies, heavy metal toxicity, pyroluria, histamine, elemental and trace minerals and amino acid/vitamin/mineral/EFA testing.

Once the test results and the patient’s health history and symptoms are evaluated and the biochemical markers have been established, our Director of Patient Services will provide a highly sophisticated evidence-based targeted nutritional therapy that will accelerate the healing of the neuroendocrine system so that you may quickly enjoy the rewards of natural “Green” mental health.

Since recovery from ALL addictions, legal and illegal, is a whole person endeavor we employ integrative holistic medicine to achieve the superior results we are known for. Every aspect of the person’s life and environment is incorporated into a healing treatment or recovery model. Every aspect of the person’s life that was touched by the addiction is massaged out until the person is left feeling whole and vibrant again.

We employ the sustainable, highly acclaimed counseling and life coaching model inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral Life Practice of the Integral Institute. Here, addiction is not the focus because the biochemical healing is quickly established and the body and mind are well on their way to providing all the natural feel-goods for excellent mental and physical health. At Shangri La BioSpa & Resort we focus not only on healing the aspects of the person’s life that were touched by addiction, but also the psychological, emotional and physical root causes of the original addictive biochemistry. We provide individualized attention after inpatient care when needed to help the person adapt to life again, as there is usually a learning curve in establishing a way to manage one’s life without the fog of addiction separating her or him from life’s experiences.


Treatment Overview

The claim that there is no cure for addiction is a myth and not supported by science.
In fact, science proves that there is a cure.

No, you are not an alcoholic or drug addict for life. In fact, you never were one. You were a person seeking external means of providing the neurochemicals that your body and mind could no longer produce for itself in order to provide healthy states of mind experienced as peace, creativity, natural states of euphoria, inspiration, insight, enthusiasm, feeling and welcoming love, and a “can-do” attitude.

When the mind and body can no longer provide the “physician within” with the means to make the natural chemicals that provide for good mental health, they will literally instruct you through cravings and the natural survival instinct to find relief from emotional, physical or psychological discomfort to seek them externally. This of course is dangerous because not only does it lead to total dependence on mind-altering substances, but they are always toxic. They cause more damage to the delicate neuroendocrine organs which were deficient and aggravate the original symptoms you sought relief for.

What causes addiction?

The undisputable fact is that the epidemic mental health issues that plague society today are brought on primarily by over-stimulating and neurotoxic substances (meaning they damage the nervous system and cause psychological distress as well as physical symptoms). These substances can include food chemicals such as (MSG/Aspartame), sugar and caffeine. Another condition is malnutrition psychosis, where the belly may be full but the “tank is empty.”  

Also, neurotoxic and carcinogenic environmental and personal hygiene pollutants/chemicals cause serious damage to the nervous system and produce many psychological symptoms that land people in psychiatrists offices. When this happens, people seeking help are unknowingly prescribed very toxic drugs that are many times more toxic than the original cause of the condition; however, by design they mask the symptoms you would experience. While you think you are taking medicine, what you are really taking is a toxic drug designed to mask the original problem and the drug’s symptom while your health deteriorates and the original condition worsens without you even noticing it!

Sexual and physical abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, war trauma, and relentless career or toxic relationship stresses can also cause addictive biochemistry. These experiences place such high demands on the neuroendocrine system to mediate the psychological and emotional symptoms that it eventually burns out and you become more symptomatic. When trauma and chronic stress are the root cause, we provide counseling and life coaching through the world-renowned Integral Life Practice developed by Ken Wilber. Your neuroendocrine system is healed utilizing the individualistic biochemical TNT ONR therapies provided at our Resort so that you may begin life again with both a healthy mind and healthy body. You receive support redesign your life with patterns that will continue to produce psychological, emotional and physical health.

What causes addictive biochemistry?

Addictive biochemistry is the term coined for the book Alcoholism: The Cause & the Cure by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. It describes the biochemical characteristics created by an imbalanced neurochemistry (brain chemistry) that will literally instruct you to seek external means of relief when the neuroendocrine system cannot provide the wholesome mental states achieved from naturally good neurochemistry.

Imbalanced brain chemistry can be caused by many factors in today’s over-stimulating, toxic and food-poisoned world. It will create cravings and compulsions to medicate the many symptoms that arise from a deficient neuroendocrine system. When the delicate organs of the neuroendocrine system become so deficient in producing the neurotransmitters and hormones that produce healthy states of mind on their own, they will literally instruct you to seek external chemicals that mimic the natural ones they can no longer produce.

This imbalance sets you on a downward spiral of pushed/prescribed drug and or alcohol addiction, chasing the symptoms of the original problem while even more damage is done to the very same organs that were causing the symptoms to begin with. Symptoms are a sign of an imbalanced deficient neuroendocrine system and they are at the very root of the attraction to substance abuse and relapse. If you don’t cure the symptoms by healing the neuroendocrine system, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of relapse and never finding the quality of life you seek.

Psychiatric drugs are not medicine

Psychiatric medications are toxic drugs that cause liver function impairment, brain cell and tissue death, a plethora of neuroendocrine disorders and even cancer. They are designed to mask not only the original symptoms but the symptoms from the damage they are doing to your body and mind. Addiction to psychiatric drugs can be even more serious and life-threatening than street drugs!  Tens of thousands of people—many more than from street drugs—die every year from psychiatric medications.


In addition to carefully selected herbs and supplements to gently assist thorough detoxification down to the cellular level, Shangri La BioSpa & Resort treatment strategy includes:

  • A world-class organic/whole foods ovo-pescatarian (eggs & fish) diet
  • Vegetable juicing with extremely potent nutrient dense highly bioavailable organisms from the first tier of the food chain
  • Infrared sauna
  • Colonic therapy focused on actually removing mucoid plaque from the lower bowel
  • Lymph drainage
  • Deep tissue and Pranic massage
  • Intravenous chelation
  • Seaweed wraps
  • Organic mineral water spa
  • Yoga and your choice of dance (by renowned choreographer Ireni Stamou)
  • Hiking, swimming, QiQong breathing or the private gym on the property


Targeted nutritional therapy focused on orthomolecular neurochemical rehabilitation is the core treatment at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort. This lays the groundwork for all other adjunct therapies to provide maximum benefits in reduction of symptoms and ultimate complete healing.

Many well intended and skilled practitioners provide very effective treatments such as acupuncture, cranial electrical simulation (CES), etc. However, they are not able to achieve the results that the masters and scientists utilizing these therapies did because the cells of the body and brain are so poisoned today and in chaotic disarray. They are not working bioenergetically, and therefore no long term recovery of the cells and tissue/organ function can be accomplished.

You must consider that when acupuncture was developed we did not have pesticides and other very neurotoxic chemicals in our food, air, soil and water blocking and convoluting the energetic message of the treatment. These therapies were developed to work with a body that is for the most part fundamentally working as nature has designed it over three million years. These other therapies were designed to inspire and utilize the natural healing process;  they were developed to assist and utilize the body’s physician within.

However, toxicity and the malnutrition that goes along with it prevent the body from delivering the raw materials to the physician within. Today’s toxins and lack of nutritious food literally make it impossible for cells to receive, utilize and embed the messages from the treatments necessary for the long-term healing and health they are very capable of providing.

At Shangri La BioSpa & Resort you will receive the maximum benefit of all adjunct therapies because your body and mind will be aligned with the laws of nature that produce a healthy life and will be receptive to and assisted by your world-class set of treatments.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

At Shangri La BioSpa & Resort we do on-site live blood cell analysis using dark field microscopy. We can immediately discover nutritional deficiencies, fungal/mold or yeast infections, insulin resistance/diabetes, toxic overload, immune disorders, oxidative stress, advanced glycation end products, fat deposits, pH imbalance and other abnormal conditions. Live blood analysis is extremely helpful while you are tucked away in the tropics and awaiting your comprehensive lab test results from the US. Live blood cell analysis enables us to immediately begin providing you an evidence-based treatment and targeted nutritional therapy based on your unique needs identified in your physical body’s life force—your blood.

Lab Testing

At our Resort we utilize very sophisticated laboratory testing that provides concrete evidence to support the Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT) Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation (ONR) our patients receive. We conduct comprehensive testing to analyze:

  • Brain chemistry
  • The methylation and Krebs cycles
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Gastrointestinal bacteria flora
  • Liver function
  • Allergies
  • Amino acid, vitamin, mineral and EFA assays
  • The neuroendocrine system (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, hypothalamus, pituitary, pancreas, and sex organs)

This extensive testing identifies the areas of the neuroendocrine system that are causing deficiencies in the production of the natural neurochemicals required for healthy states of mind and freedom from the symptoms that encourage seeking relief in external substances.

Remember, it is when the body can no longer make its own feel-goods that it will literally instruct you to find them externally. It is a mechanism of the survival instinct and it cannot be usurped by any of the conventional rehabilitation practices today, and their low success rates demonstrate this very basic real fact. You are driven by your biochemistry to seek relief from psychological, physical or emotional discomfort/pain. Any treatment that does not recognize that is inhumane because it strips you of your dignity, blaming you for the addiction. It does not clear the symptoms while expecting you to discontinue your source of relief, however detrimental to your health it may be. At Shangri La BioSpa & Resort, when the symptoms and craving are gone, you are back in the driver’s seat and free from the need to self-medicate.


Ours is a holistic medical model based on a cure, not on treatment. Conventional medicine focuses on treatments because it ensures they have a patient for life.  Our medical model cures the addiction by healing the symptoms that drove you to it and removing the cravings that encouraged you to seek relief in various substances. In our model there is a beginning, middle and end: detoxification, repair and then maintenance.

The maintenance phase involves the standard practices that any health conscious person today would practice to maintain excellent health; however, yours will also be focused on continued health and nutriment of the neuroendocrine system. Everyone should be focused on this area of their health because unfortunately in today’s environmentally toxic world, it is the neuroendocrine system that is hit the hardest. This is evident in the epidemic psychological/emotional and physical illnesses of today, This epidemic is rooted in the deficient neuroendocrine system that was rarely experienced just 70 years ago. Since then, there has been massive distribution of neurotoxic chemically adulterated and processed foods and environmental pollutants that include personal hygiene and home care products. These are damaging people’s nervous systems at an alarming rate.

The Green Body and Mind maintenance phase is individualized with a final round of testing 6 months after returning home after your stay with us. At that time we are able to measure the profound healing that has occurred and are able to reduce TNT products dramatically, leaving only those required for maintaining the excellent health you have achieved. Our Medical Director uses only the highest quality organic food-based nutriceuticals for her TNT protocols so you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality services and products available today!

Integral Life Practice Counseling

The first step in treatment is clearing the body of symptoms and the damage that caused one to seek legal/illegal drugs and/or alcohol. This provides fertile soil for effective counseling. It is our position that counseling that focuses only on the mental/emotional response to the symptoms of the damaged neuroendocrine system—depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, traumatic experience, etc.—is not effective because the addiction is gone and the dis-ease that caused it is discovered and in the process of healing. A much more enlightened approach for counseling for someone that has suffered with addiction for many years focuses on the person’s universal embodiment as a human being challenged with what everyone faces but with one added layer. Integral life practice counseling helps those that have been disassociated from experiencing their environment and life circumstance as individuals with the full spectrum of capacity they were born with. Integral life counseling ensures they learn to adapt to the full spectrum of capacity and to navigate life in accordance with their hopes, dreams, needs and purpose in life.

Addiction to any toxic substance—be it illicit drugs, alcohol or psychiatric medications —affects every aspect of our lives. You cannot harm one aspect of your life without it affecting all others and you can not heal one aspect without it affecting all others. This is why detoxification is a powerful method for healing the body and mind from the ravages of alcohol abuse or drug addiction. Neuroendocrine health and brain chemistry balance cause people to feel vibrant and they naturally begin to heal all other aspects of their lives.

However, depending on the degree of damage to any aspect of a person’s life during their addiction crisis which affected all others, or because that person may be wounded by an event or series of events, or possibly may be in the midst of a life crisis besides their addiction- caused by it or not, the person seeking peace within, freedom from addiction, and a full life would certainly benefit from guidance and being provided the tools and support systems to carry them through their healing event and evolve as a person toward their highest vision of themselves.  

Conventional psychology and addiction counseling do not touch on all the core issues patients struggle with, such as trying to function in a world while their body and mind are fighting them every inch of the way.  Conventional psychology, talk therapy, and of course psychiatry do not recognize that a person struggling with addiction cannot create lasting change or healing by just meditating, thinking differently or talking about their problems. They will be struggling with the very core of their survival system designed to reduce pain as long as they are fighting the cravings from the addiction, the symptoms of their damaged neuroendocrine system that brought them to it, and whatever damage the addiction caused. They are searching for a way to reduce their emotional, psychological or physical pain and most of the time in conventional therapy that results in relapse.

That is why theservices at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort are essential for effective counseling therapy. They cancel not only the symptoms but the root cause by healing the mind and body, freeing people to seek full lives.  However, because in all cases a portion of their lives were spent out of synch with their environment and circumstances, we nurture them through an adaptation and growth stage.

There, in that space, in-between the mind / body and its life events and environment there is an adaptation phase that is initiated on every level and in every aspect of that person’s life when healing from addiction.  Here good, functional counseling medicine in the way of support and guidance in how to take command of those spaces in-between and look at all the aspects of one’s life and address them on their terms so that they may grow toward the person they see in their mind’s eye is certainly going to be a prescription for success on all levels.

Our Integral Life Practice counselor understands the space in-between and has brought together a combination of the most powerful tools available to not only fix but operate in that space in-between.

The healing achieved at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort will give you a healthy body and mind full of inspiration, tranquility, focus, enthusiasm, energy, peace within, and most importantly the ability to successfully follow through with any mind/body energy medicine or therapy program you choose. Healing the mind and bodymakes the soil rich for new growth and awareness. Integral life practice will help you choose and then plant the seeds for new growth in every area of your life, bringing you closer to your highest vision of yourself and nurturing growth in all aspects of your life.

There is nothing more exhilarating after becoming healthy in mind and body than to quickly sweep away the residual issues and begin planning and nurturing your new life. Experienced professional assistance in our counseling program that fully integrates you into all aspects of your life. Focused on the needs and challenges of one filling with presence areas that were once vacant will not only ensure success, but accelerate the manifestation of a life lived with the full capacity you were born with.

At the core of Integral Life Practice™, is a sophisticated model of personal development, the AQAL Map that engages body, mind, heart, and spirit to produce extraordinary health and awakening on all levels of your being.

Please read the mechanics of this unique form of very successful counseling for all areas of a person’s life, which focuses on evolving as a whole, integrated person here.

Mind / Body Energy Healing

Just as assuredly as we are one with the biosphere and the universe, we are also one within ourselves. The mind is not separate from the body—in fact, the consciousness is a remarkable “newscaster” that provides up to date, minute-by-minute information as to how the body is doing because the consciousness is the news reflecting the sum total of the experiences of each and every cell in our bodies at any given moment. The message conveyed by this transmitter is sent out into our field of energy through thoughts and emotions, letting the rest of the universe know how we’re doing by providing feedback in the way of like attracts like which provides the scientific understanding of the laws of attraction and manifesting your day.

As Einstein postulated, the energy field is the most important thing to consider when attempting to change or study an animate or inanimate organism. It is within this field that we merge our thoughts and feelings with the feedback from the universal consciousness, creating both physical and subliminal experiences in our lives. In the world of matter, both animate and inanimate forms are simply dense collections of energy vortexes brought together by their similar vibrational frequencies and what we manifest, or bring into our field, is attracted to us by the field of atoms and energy that we project.

While the whole body consciousness (our consciousness does not reside solely in our brains) does send signals out, it also receives them from both our environment and our “spiritual energy;” that part of us that will always continue. Yes, when we hit that big iceberg of life, a part of us will go on—we just lose the denser parts that eventually get dismantled and reabsorbed into the whole.

The more we are receptive to the spiritual energies of our being, the more vibrant energy is allowed to flow through us and the healthier we are. The more vital we are, the more life we get to experience while enjoying it. It is truly the elixir of life.

However, when the body is toxic and full of waste, it blocks that spiritual energy from flowing through us. Dis-ease, at its core, is the progressive detachment of that spiritual energy from the physical machinery that makes up our bodies—really just denser collections of the very same energies that comprise our spirit. Matter is a dense collective of energies of similar vibration.

When the denser energies are shut off from the sublime ones they begin to fragment, dismantle themselves, and disperse which results in cell death and ultimately death of the cellular community as a whole- you.  It is those sublime energies that provide the signals for the proteins to keep them moving, enabling you, the spirit, to enjoy an animated life on the planet.  Those sublime energies (spirit) carry the messages that the physical ones require to maintain functions that support animated life. For matter to maintain itself as a collective whole (the body) it must continue to resonate with the energy or spirit that “glues” it together which represents the fundamental totality of the organism; a unique collection of vibrational frequencies piggy-backed on the subliminal flow of energy (spirit).  Dis-ease is the result of obstruction in any of the frequency spectrums which carry the sublime energies (higher frequencies-spirit) into the denser physical organisms (lower frequencies-matter).  This is exactly how detachment from the collective whole brings about dis-ease and ultimately death.  This not only occurs on the microcosmic level; it also occurs on the macrosmic level; it is a well-known fact that the elderly whom volunteer and are active in their communities have a much longer life expectancy than those that withdraw and isolate themselves from the world.  This same functional truth can be witnessed in any aspect of life; when someone or something detaches from the whole, it diminishes the life force or functionality of the collective whole by the withdrawal of its contributions.  This causes feedback channels of communication with the environment to be shut down, which marks that person or thing for “death”; to be dismantled and reabsorbed into the parent organism (earth).  This process is much like how our bodies break down proteins and use their parts to reassemble new ones to serve the needs of the parent organism it is introduced into.  Please note that the energy that makes up these proteins is still very much there, it only changes form so that it may fully integrate with its new environment and serve the collective purpose of the sum total of the environment.  When an alternator in your car goes bad it is removed and the metal is melted down and reconstructed for another purpose; much like our protein parts being reassembled to serve the environment when we detach from our bodies.

In an entirely natural state, our physical bodies are simply denser representations of our spirit; the spirit has built a protein machine to experience life on the planet as we know it using parts from nature to do so. Our vitality is lost when our sublime spiritual energy is deflected by waste particles and toxicity on its journey to dense particles, or when it is consumed by exhausting unreasonable demands to continually rebuild and reorganize the broken and fragmented parts in order to maintain the functional protein machines our bodies are made of that produce animated life. Toxicity and waste break down our protein machines, impede in the spirit’s (energy) channels of communication resulting in mental and physical distress until it is removed or the organism dies.

The mind/body energy healing methods provided at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort help our patients restore a clear channel between their spiritual energy and their dense protein machines that rely on the subliminal energies of spirit for the instructions for healthy molecular response and bioenergetics. The energy channels are opened, spiritual experience and awareness is renewed, and heightened spiritual consciousness and perspective are implanted. This combination naturally provides excellent mental and physical health. We can see the evidence in our patients—the light in their eyes and the glow from their faces when the spirit is provided the clear channels to communicate with the person’s entire being once again.

Medical Science

All of our treatments are supported by science, real science not sales pitches. Our scientific techniques may not always be supported by mainstream scientific organizations because many opinions, views, outcomes and research objectives—even people—have been bought out by pharmaceutical money. Pharmaceutical interests own the airwaves, ink and paper that has formed many professional and personal opinions. Unfortunately, it is an industry that has produced more death than any other on the planet, including all wars put together!

The good news is that there are many bodies of science in the professional and academic worlds that maintain integrity and truth, and we utilize their findings as well as the benefits of the evidence-based treatments that have gone through their rigorous observations and clinical trials. Please see each treatment’s page for scientific validation.

Also, please remember to always listen to your inner voice. When information resonates with you—meaning it rings true enough for you to believe in—that is more powerful than science or medicine. This fact has been proven time and time again by the superior performance of the placebos over the drugs that they are tested against. The placebos have outperformed drugs nearly every time!  Never underestimate the power of belief!


The human body and mind have witnessed more change in the environment in the last 100 years than they have in the last 10,000 years. We now experience environmental pollution, denatured toxic water which now replaces what used to be our number one source for natural minerals and hydration, toxic chemicals being put in our food, the denaturing of food through depleted soils, genetically modified organisms, and pesticides which render crops nearly void of nutrition. We experience the over-stimulating and empty lives created by removing men, women and children from the fabric of the home and social structures by placing higher and higher demands in the work force. Expectations in academics have so removed/denatured our minds/bodies and hearts from the natural patterns of life we had just 100 years ago that our adaptation mechanisms are burning out. We are constantly being expected of more while receiving less and less. We are experiencing too much change too fast while being robbed of the very substances in nutrition, family life and social structures that sustain us.

We must realign lifestyles with the natural organic processes and substances that sustain us to live in peace and harmony with our environment. Putting our spirituality aside, we are organisms of the planet, made by the natural substances in the biosphere. If we stray too far away from those nurturing substances for the cells we have used for millions of years—especially while being bombarded with industrial toxicity every where we turn and in every bite we take—we will certainly perish and suffer while we do. That is already evident in the epidemic health crises of today.

The core function of our protein cloths (bodies) is to absorb, process and transmit light (energy). Every cell in our body is here today because it has learned to adapt to very slow environmental changes while repairing and replicating itself. In order to fuel the adaptation mechanism required for survival and to repair and replicate it, each cell needs the elements of nature in both physical and energetic forms to do so. This is why each cell has hundreds of thousands of receptors for every natural element required to build protein machines (bodies) and animate life. In fact, there are unique receptors on every cell for the spiritual energies from your higher self or spiritual body! 

Today, lives and lifestyles have become so denatured that the body is no longer receiving the raw materials it requires to repair and replicate itself. Instead, it is being bombarded through every orifice with toxicity which places huge nutritional demands on a body that is simply not getting the nutrition it needs to maintain baseline functions. At Shangri La BioSpa & Resort, you are provided with all the nutrient dense foods and clinical support and mind/body energy healing modalities you require to heal. And you will also be very well educated in how to practice environmental hygiene and align yourself with nature so that you may function effectively within the normal healthy limits of your mind and body.

Integral life practice coaching is very effective in helping you to look at all factors and situations in your life and mold them into a healthy evolving process. Integral life practice will produce a whole functioning successful, peaceful, inspired, creative and blissful you!

Clean / Organic nutrition

5 Star Organic Whole Food Ovo-Pescatarian Cuisine:  Our world class organic whole foods Chef and Medical Director have put together a very most satisfying, healing and medicinal diet.  You will not only enjoy your culinary experience while it provides the accelerated healing you seek, but you will be provided cooking and food preparation classes so that you return home fully capable of continuing the good practices of organic whole food preparation. Your diet is the foundation of your mental and physical health objectives so your treatment program includes education and practical experience in both whole food preparation and medicinal nutrition for maximum mental/physical health benefits as well as enjoyment!

Nutritional Supplements: We use only the highest quality organic food-based nutritional prescription class supplements available today. Once you are a patient of ours you will always have access to these holistic prescription products so that you may continue your health goals with only the most high-quality effective supplements on the market today.

Ancient Traditions

Yoga, QiQong, Tai Chi, meditation, dance and music are all proven effective life practices that produce mental/physical health, creative insight, optimism, spiritual connectedness, and nurture wholesome living values. This is why we offer movement and creative activities as part of our healing program at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort.

Science has accumulated years of studies, and medical and clinical trials that substantiate this, not to mention the obvious appeal that those who practice one or a few of these traditions carry with them. Their lives are peaceful, their disposition optimistic and their eyes shine. Do we really need science to validate why? Perhaps not, but the findings are useful.

PET scans and brain chemistry assays have assessed the before and after conditions of those that practice yoga, meditation, QiQong and Tai Chi. Scientific studies have established that very favorable changes occur in the neurochemistry. Please see this article for an introduction into this very fascinating new field of study and awareness.

These ancient traditions have also been given credit for being key adjunct therapies in the successful treatment of cancer, pain management, post traumatic stress disorder and stress reduction. Studies indicate they  are all proven to boost the immune system.