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Introduction by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. - Medical Director, The BioSanctuary Green Body & Mind Healing Center

Ms. Mason & Inner-Fit team up for another full house lecture on Shangrila Biospa's CORE Detox, Chelation and Individual Biochemical Corrective Analysis at In-Shape Health Club March 11th. Visit for more information.

It has been established by science that addiction is at its very core a neurochemical adaptation.  At Shangri La BioSpa and Resort, our medical model and treatment strategy is focused entirely on curing addiction through providing every cell in your body with it needs to function properly which is exactly what you need to heal—the nutrition, mind/body energy healing, and psychological / emotional environment  your cells function best in—nature’s. 

We successfully and gently reverse neurochemical adaptation and heal the damaged organs from any given toxic substance. The process involves minimal or no transitional discomfort as it restores the body and mind’s ability to function in the way it was designed to, producing the natural neurotransmitters and hormone “feel-goods” required for healthy states of mind and being.

The three-step process includes individualized clinically assisted detox, repair of the neuroendocrine system from damage done by the addiction, and then testing the patient extensively with state-of-the-art sophisticated laboratory tests. Testing evaluates multiple factors: brain chemistry, neuroendocrine function, methylation and Krebs cycle function, heavy metal toxicity, chemical overload from food additives and environmental toxins, gastrointestinal malfunction, allergy potential, infectious disease, and any others that may be indicated.  In addition to thorough biochemical testing, we provide Integral Life Practice (ILP) coaching and evaluations for psychological and emotional health, We use AQAL mapping to establish evidence-based treatment that incorporates a comprehensive approach for biochemical / psychological / emotional evidence-based treatment for the root dis-ease that encouraged the individual to seek recreational or medicinal relief.

Once the neuroendocrine repair requirements have been established and the root cause has been identified, the patient goes on a Targeted Nutritional Therapy protocol. Our patients are provided very sophisticated treatment that continues to focus on and nourish the neuroendocrine system. The treatment provides all the essential raw materials—nutrient dense organic whole foods, targeted nutritional therapy, water, and sunshine—as well as the external environment required to maintain homeostasis.  Homeostasis is experienced as a full, vibrant, fulfilling, and inspired life lived enthusiastically which rests in the inner peace many have not experienced since they were a child.

Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation literally re-establishes the 3 million year relationship every cell of your mind and body has developed with nature in order to function best—the true definition of health.

The Truth About Addiction

It doesn’t matter to the body and mind if you are addicted to heroin, Valium, methamphetamine, Ritalin, or Prozac—d they are all toxic drugs and not medicine that heals. And they all cause serious damage to the mind and body while promoting neurochemical adaptation to a toxic substance, disabling the body’s ability to truly heal and re-establish its ability to “medicate” itself naturally.

Beneath the skin, all addictions are the same, neurochemical adaptations which function solely to adapt to the body’s environment while repairing and replicating cells.  If your body did not have this ability you would fall over dead from just two alcoholic beverages or a couple of doses of Prozac.  When you have an alcoholic drink, your body responds to the rise in the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA with a complementary rise in the opposite excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate.  This helps maintain the homeostasis the body requires for symptom-free survival.  If lgutamate were not released to counter the rise in GABA you would stop breathing. This is exactly what happens when one drinks so much alcohol that the body cannot produce enough glutamate neurotransmitters fast enough to counteract the chemically induced dominant parasympathetic nervous system. Excessive alcohol shuts down the autonomic system  which keeps you breathing and your heart beating on auto pilot.

There are many environmental conditions that can lead to addiction—everything from malnutrition, environmental chemical overload, excess processed foods and the food chemicals in them, and early childhood trauma.  The emotional / psychological environment can be just as overstimulating and harmful to your neuroendocrine system as the toxins and food chemicals ingested are.  Both can create addictive biochemistry when the system burns out from trying to keep up with the symptoms of a sympathetic dominant damaged neuroendocrine system. When your endocrine glands from your brain to your adrenals are no longer able to provide the healthy balance of neurochemicals you require to feel good inside your own skin, you will develop addictive biochemistry and seek external relief wherever you can find it!

That is why there is no ONE way to cure addiction, or correct the metabolism disorder that addiction truly is.  Addiction is not a disease, it is a metabolic disorder born of damaged neuroendocrine glands and a disruption in their highly sophisticated system of checks and balances.  The good news is that these glands and the neuroendocrine system’s communications network is entirely capable of healing and correcting itself. Given the proper treatment and environment it happens fast.   
Addiction is the result of neurochemical adaptation.  The underlying physical or mental health issues (many times it is a combination) that brought you to addiction and further damaging your neuroendocrine system is what must be identified and addressed in treatment to entirely rid the mind/body of the symptoms in order to once and for all clear the addiction.   As Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson of the Health Recovery Center states, “If you treat only the symptoms, you will be treating them for a lifetime.  You must discover and treat the root cause!” 

And that is exactly what we do at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort. Each individual is provided an individualized biochemical and psychological treatment plan. A Treatment both cures the damage from the addiction, then addresses the underlying psychological, physical or emotional cause of the symptoms that led to the attraction to substances that were used to self-medicate the underlying cause of the symptoms. 

Although there are many causes for the addiction epidemic we face today, they all have the same impact on the neuroendocrine system which creates addictive biochemistry. They cause such physical, emotional or psychological stress on the neuroendocrine system (the body’s natural pharmacist) that it burns out and can no longer provide the neurochemicals for the brain and body to function “symptom free” which is referred to in biochemical terms as homeostasis.  Homeostasis is defined in Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary as:  “The maintenance of relatively stable internal physiological conditions (as body temperature or the pH of blood) in higher animals under fluctuating environmental conditions; also : the process of maintaining a stable psychological state in the individual under varying psychological pressures or stable social conditions in a group under varying social, environmental, or political factors.”