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Introduction by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. - Medical Director, The BioSanctuary Green Body & Mind Healing Center

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Genita M. Mason ~ Nutritional Biochemist ~ H.H.P., N.C., M.H.

Medical Director, Shangri-La Organic Health Spa, Clinic & Residential Retreat

A Green Body & Mind Healing Center

Ms Mason is a strong voice in the Green Mental Health Care movement. She asserts that the all too common practices of toxic conventional mental health care today are destroying lives and humanity as a whole. She is an outspoken advocate for the cures that science has provided and educates people as to why the medical community does not offer them in hopes of creating change in the healthcare system.

Above all Ms. Mason considers herself a Fractal Environmentalist. A term she created for the total impact of her medical model. “When you approach your health by simply beginning to make the right decisions for a single cell- to feed it right and provide it a toxic free environment where it can heal and thrive, your impact on the earth will be the same and you are by default an environmentalist. You will help reduce the demand for those chemicals and practices that are destroying our planet and will be in effect a conscious consumer who is also taking the money away from the companies that are harming people and the planet and giving it to those that are helping humanity and the planet. We no longer live in a democracy, we live in a dollar-ocracy. You vote with your dollar every day. You can make a difference- you already have“.

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Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure (Foreword by Dr. Abram Hoffer MD, PhD) – An Orthomolecular Comprehensive Treatment Model that cures the underlying physiological causes of alcohol addiction.

  • Author, Green Mental Health Care – Staying Sane in a Toxic World
  • Co-author, Food for Humans – The BioSanctuary’s Clinical Detox Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, and Meat Free Recipe Book
  • President, Green Body & Mind (non-profit)
  • Published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Featured in the documentary, “Making A Killing”
  • Medical and Celebrity Endorsements
  • Radio / TV Addictive Biochemistry Specialist spokesperson and guest
  • Public Speaker & Lecturer
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    The War On Drugs Has a New Battleground –

    Your Doctor’s Office

    Genita M. Mason, Nutritional Biochemist and Medical Director of Shangri-La Organic Health Spa, Clinic & Residential Retreat

    The so-called “War On Drugs” has a new battleground – your doctor’s office, where the unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries presents a pseudo medical model that inflicts addictive, chemical abuse on innocent victims while lying to the public with sales science and calling it medicine. Their drugs are nothing more than variations of the very same illegal drugs the government has spent billions of dollars fighting-not because they care about you, only to preserve pharmaceutical sales. Make no mistake; a drug is a drug-pushed or prescribed. They are all toxic, and psychotropic pharmaceuticals are far more toxic to brain tissue and the liver; diminishing quality of life, causing multiple addictions and ultimately resulting in disease and death-never health and wellness!

    My life is dedicated to reclaiming lives from psychiatric drugs and exposing psychiatry for what it truly is; nothing more than a gang of white collar drug pushers robbing our society of every resource that supports it right down to our future; the children.

    As a scientist and licensed practitioner I want to educate all those interested in what is causing the epidemic mental health crisis of today, how to avoid it, how to get off of psych drugs if you are on them now, and why toxic drugs should not ever be called medicine.

    My work is toward a medical model for all mental health issues to be based on patient outcomes and not profit. This is accomplished with Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation (ONR).

    I wrote the guide Green Mental Health Care – Staying Sane in a Toxic World because the psychiatric patient with Prozac in his/her medicine cabinet is in even more danger than the crack head smoking crack. This is because the crack head knows they have to stop smoking crack to get well-the psychiatric patient thinks they are taking medicine and that their condition is the best they can hope for-when neither is true. They don’t recognize the fundamental truth that drugs injure the body and mind – prescribed or pushed.

    To sit on the sidelines and do nothing while I watch people suffer from the effects of psychiatric drugs is not an option. I know what these drugs do to cells, tissues, critical organs and brain function and I can’t just turn my head because everywhere I turn I see more pain and suffering while Big Pharma continues to make bank and control society. They are literally using our money against us because they use it to force out all the evidence-based holistic options that should be sponsored by public medicine like their drugs are, and they are using our taxes and out of pocket cash spent on their drugs to buy lobbyists in Washington to get their laws and forced medical practices pushed through such as the Mother’s Act, the language of which is now in the health care reform bill. Come on, the notion of giving an antidepressant to a pregnant woman? These drugs are extremely harmful to grown adults; can you imagine what they do to the development of a fetus that doesn’t have the functional maturity to even try to protect itself from them? They will stunt every process of development in that child and already have been shown in numerous studies to cause birth defects.

    Psychiatric drug use is particularly destroying the youth in our society. The vast majority of the mass school shootings are done by young adults on psych meds (see People will say, “Well, that’s why they were on meds, there was something wrong with them” or “They weren’t taking their meds, therefore they went crazy.” Don’t believe this for a second, kids have been going through all the challenges and discomforts of adolescent bullying, ostracism etc.… since the beginning of time and it wasn’t until our toxic health care system started drugging them that they started taking guns to school and initiating mass murders.

    Psychiatric drugs are responsible for increased car accidents, incarcerations, domestic violence, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, diabetes, cancer, aneurisms, tardive dyskinesia, they are more abused by school children today than their illegal counterparts. As the damage that these drugs do to the health of our global citizens takes its toll, they turn once productive people into parasites of society as we pay through our taxes for their subsidized housing, health care costs, and SSI/Disability payments monthly. Is it their fault? No- after all, they were told to take their medicine to get better-the only fault is that they believed their doctor whose practice is dictated by the “standards of care” created by a corrupt Big Pharma. We are all suffering the deluge of destroyed lives by these drugs and humanity as a whole is becoming crippled by them. I want to help stop the pain and suffering these drugs cause and teach what is causing their symptoms, how to find out what is the root cause, and how to cure it and live this one precious life we all share in the full spectrum capacity they were born capable of living it. I want to see humanity flourish and witness the beauty we are capable of creating on this planet… I want the planet to be inhabitable by my grandchildren and I don’t want them forced onto drugs for being children.

    Government agencies are now forcing children to take drugs if a psychiatrist labels them with a “mental illness.” And they are calling those who speak against the government’s toxic health care initiatives “terrorists” and “crazy,” incarcerating and drugging them. The day I always feared has now seen its dawn; we are losing our right to refuse “medical care”, even with the volumes of evidence piled up that proves it is harmful, toxic and does not deliver its recipients to health. The people are too fog-brained by and addicted to their pushed and prescribed drugs in their food, environment and medicine to see what is happening and reclaim their lives and the potential of humanity that “God” is capable of. People are literally chemically lobotomized today and it is a pandemic.

    You are no longer a freethinker if you are addicted to a drug, be it pushed or prescribed, and people are becoming more and more compliant as legal drugs become more and more prolific in our society. Only someone addicted, misinformed and symptomatic would find it plausible to believe that a toxic drug is a medicine and that that “medicine” has any chance of producing health and wellness. Big Pharma has done a very good job at creating masses of people who are addicted, misinformed and symptomatic in a very short period of time. The drug companies now have undue influence over our medicine, standards of care, our government and the FDA. They have become so powerful that they run our government to the point of using our own police to enforce laws that are unconstitutional that require parents to drug their children if their child is diagnosed with a mental disorder. Parents have had their children taken away for refusing to give them psychiatric medications! Yes, our own police officers have removed children from homes because their parents wouldn’t give them legal cocaine (Ritalin)!

    This book is my contribution toward helping them get well and bring them from the dark corners they have quietly suffered in, into the light of health and wellness, hope, and the empowering feeling of being embraced by the love and compassion that those of us have for those harvested by the pushers of toxic “medicine.” With each person I detoxify and help to natural mental health, I am building an army of healthy environmentalists. By making the decisions you need to make to get well-starting with the needs of an individual cell to get well, you will by default become an environmentalist helping the planet detoxify and survive as well. When we discontinue the demand for the products that are making people crazy, we take their power and ability to buy Washington, the FDA, the NIH and their front people, psychiatrists (grants, ghost writing payoffs, schools, etc.) away. Our medicine and laws will become patient outcome driven as opposed to profit driven and those toxic chemicals that are causing disease, death and loss of quality of life will no longer be pushed upon us and offered at every turn of our head.

    Believe it or not, we live in an era of “harvesting” and people are being harvested by psychiatry for future income. The pharmaceutical companies that are making the laws that force their drugs into people now pave the way for psychiatry’s methods. Psychiatrists are being sent to grade and intermediate schools to evaluate our children, they are the first “doctors” people being incarcerated see, elderly people in senior homes are being drugged to death. If you lose a loved one and are sad you get drugged, if you get in a car accident you are drugged, if you have anxiety about finals in college you get drugged, if you are going through a divorce you get drugged, if you’re not good at math you get drugged, if you speak against the government you are crazy and drugged. Psychiatric medication prescriptions skyrocket for those 65 and older, psych drugs are being pushed on television, in newspapers, magazines and through schools… the unholy alliance between Big Pharma and psychiatry is causing more deaths yearly than any illness if you consider not only the suicides and murders, but the diseases they are associated with.

    The unholy alliance between Big Pharma and psychiatry is literally sucking the life out of humanity and destroying the ability to achieve the quality of life people hope to reclaim when they go to their doctor. Making the decision to get off of psychiatric drugs is not only a responsibility to yourself and family so that you can be present in this life and enjoy quality of life with those you love and who love you, but it is a responsibility toward the preservation of the human race!

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