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Introduction by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. - Medical Director, The BioSanctuary Green Body & Mind Healing Center

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Fractal Environmentalism:
the Medicine of the Future that Saves the Future

The Art and Science of Conscious Consumption

Definition: Initiating a quantum healing event by responding to dis-ease with reverence for the self-similarities of the human cell in the biosphere. Correcting cellular functions is accomplished through detoxification and replenishment of first the immediate body ecology as best is possible in today’s environmental crisis to return the human body to its original structural integrity which emanates the authentic self and produces health. The actions required to provide an optimum ecological environment for the human cell to thrive will naturally have the identical impact on the biosphere; detoxifying and replenishing it as well. The evolution of this movement will produce a global healing event delivering all life forms to their original functional integrity and a global, all inclusive health will be realized by the reestablished pristine expression of the natural laws unadulterated by human ignorance and audacity.

Healing the Planet through Healing Ourselves

“The kingdom of heaven can be found in the mustard seed.”

Thus far I have gone into great detail to provide what people have been trained to consider good science as sound evidence and exercised the Newtonian reductionism method of validating “knowledge” through breaking things down into parts to teach you how something works in order to help you understand what needs to be done to fix it. This is the conventional way of validating knowledge and I hope it worked and that you now “know” how The 101 Program normalizes addictive biochemistry and will be encouraged to use the information in this book to heal your body and mind so you can enjoy your life to the fullest and evolve into the person you see in your mind’s eye- your authentic self. Do not, however, rely on science to encourage you to do what is right. We instinctively know what is right when we are willing to face the truth; and I believe most people already know that nutrition was the missing link in their full recovery, they just didn’t know how to incorporate their own self-knowledge in their recovery process much because of the lies they have been told by the pharma and food cartels selling them their industrial, denatured products and toxins. The sole reason why it is true that there is such an abyss between what science knows the addicted person requires for full recovery and a cure for all addictions, including those to psychiatric drugs, and what conventional medicine and treatment offer is because the pharmaceutical companies have wedged a huge profit machine between them.

However, I could never stop at the mechanics of biochemistry and title this book Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure because one, we are not just anatomical beings reliant on proteins, nutrients and biochemistry to get us through the day and two, this method only provides an understanding of how something works when it is separated from its whole. You can’t initiate a total healing event using only a treatment that focuses on one, albeit very important, sustaining function of our existence especially if it is approached as an isolated function. I do not understand how the word isolated ever made it into the dictionary because there truly is no such thing! The food and nutrition you take in absolutely has a defining effect on every aspect of your life including your mental health, however, so does every other agent that influences the cell’s behavior. So the functioning, integrated whole picture; the noetic picture needs to be evaluated and responded to in order to create a total transformation to health from dis-ease which naturally reaches into the person’s emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual health.

We have been so busy taking things apart that we have forgotten that they were all once whole.

In order to understand how something works as a whole, you must get to know it as a whole. This means studying not only its internal environment but its external one because it is as much a part of its environment as its internal characteristics are a part of it. So gaining understanding of how something functions as a whole includes familiarity with its relationship to its ecological (dense) and energetic (spiritual) environment because every one of us is a fully integrated manifestation of our physical (dense energy as particles) and subliminal environment. I can assure you that through studying the characteristics of the relationship a person has with his/her environment (people, places and things), you would get an identical picture of how their microcosmic cells are functioning just beneath the surface.

Just as assuredly that we are one with the biosphere and the universe et al; we are also one within ourselves. The mind is not separate from the body – in fact, the consciousness is a remarkable “newscaster” that provides up to date, minute by minute information as to how the body is doing because the consciousness is the newscast which reflects the sum total of the experiences of each and every cell in our bodies at any given moment. The message conveyed by this transmitter is sent out into our field of energy through thoughts and emotions to let the rest of the universe know how we’re doing by providing “feedback” in the way of like attracts like which provides the scientific understanding of the laws of attraction and how you manifest experiences and events in life. As Einstein postulated, the energy field is the most important thing to consider when attempting to change or study an animate or inanimate organism. It is within this field we merge our thoughts and feelings with the feedback from the universal consciousness which creates both physical and subliminal experiences in our lives. In the world of matter, physical “things” both animate (life forms) and inanimate, are simply dense collections of energy vortexes brought together by their similar vibrational frequencies and what we manifest, or bring into our field, is attracted to us by the field of atoms and energy that we project.

While the whole body consciousness (your consciousness does not reside solely in your brain) does send signals out, it also receives them from both our environment and our “spiritual energy”; that part of us that will always, as in the words of Celine Dion, “…go on”. Yes, when we hit that big iceberg of life, a part of us will go on- we just lose the denser parts that eventually get dismantled and reabsorbed into the whole.

The more we are receptive to the spiritual energies of our being, the more vibrant energy is allowed to flow through us and the healthier we are; the more vital we are and the more life we get to experience while enjoying it. It is truly the elixir of life. However, when the body is toxic and full of waste, it blocks that spiritual energy from flowing through us. Dis-ease, at its core, is the progressive detachment of that spiritual energy from the physical machinery that makes up our bodies which is really just denser collections of the very same energies that comprise our spirit; matter is a dense collective of energies of similar vibration. However, as the denser energies are gradually shut off from the sublime ones they begin to fragment, dismantle themselves, and disperse which results in cell death and ultimately death of the cellular community as a whole- you. It is those sublime energies that provide the signals for the proteins to keep them moving, enabling you, the spirit, to enjoy an animated life on the planet. Those sublime energies (spirit) carry the messages that the physical ones require to maintain functions that support animated life. For matter to maintain itself as a collective whole (the body) it must continue to resonate with the energy or spirit that “glues” it together which represents the fundamental totality of the organism; a unique collection of denser vibrational frequencies piggy-backed on the subliminal flow of energy (spirit). Dis-ease is the result of obstruction or subluxation in any of the frequency spectrums which carry the sublime energies (higher frequencies-spirit) into the denser physical organisms (lower frequencies-matter). This is exactly how detachment from the collective whole brings about dis-ease and ultimately death. This not only occurs on the microcosmic level; it also occurs on the macrocosmic level; it is a well-known fact that the elderly whom volunteer and are active in their communities have a much longer life expectancy than those that withdraw and isolate themselves from the world. This same functional truth can be witnessed in any aspect of life; when someone or something detaches from the whole, it diminishes the life force or functionality of the collective whole by the withdrawal of its contributions. This causes feedback channels of communication with the environment to be shut down, which marks that person or cell for “death”; to be dismantled and reabsorbed into the parent organism (biosphere for the person /biochemistry for the cell). This process is much like how our bodies break down proteins and use their parts to reassemble new ones to serve the needs of the parent organism it is introduced into. Please note that the energy that makes up these proteins is still very much there, it only changes form so that it may fully integrate with its new environment and serve the collective purpose of the sum total of the environment. When an alternator in your car goes bad it is removed and the metal is melted down and reconstructed for another purpose; the same is true for our protein parts that are broken down and reassembled to serve another purpose for the environment when we detach from our bodies.

In an entirely natural state, our physical bodies are simply denser representations of our sprit; the spirit has built a protein machine to experience life on the planet as we know it using parts from nature to do so. Our vitality is lost when our sublime spiritual energy is deflected by waste particles and toxicity on its journey to dense particles, or when it is consumed by exhausting, unreasonable demands to continually rebuild and reorganize the broken and fragmented parts in order to maintain the functional protein machines our bodies are made of that produce animated life. Toxicity and waste break down our protein machines which impedes the spirit’s (energy) channels of communication resulting in mental and physical distress, that is, until it is removed or the organism dies (complete detachment).

Another word for the detachment we call dis-ease is malnutrition (caused by denatured foods, toxicity and waste). Malnutrition causes dis-ease because when parts are missing in the way of building blocks (proteins) and nutrients required to maintain these structures which provide a communication pathway between the spiritual energy and the physical body to exchange information, we become isolated from the very root of our existence that provides the flow of energy into our bodies just as a tree’s roots provides energy in the form of water and nutrients for the leaves.

Proteins are literally miniature electrical conduits of environmental and spiritual energy and if you stop producing them (malnutrition), junk them up with foreign material (waste), or force them into a barren and unfamiliar environment (toxicity) which causes them to consume all their energy trying to adapt to it (and dying when they can’t), you will assuredly suffer from the resulting inhibition of energy flowing through them.

Now that dis-ease is understood to be a dying off of cells and biochemical processes due to communication systems being shut down between our protein machinery and our environmental (dense and sublime) energies, it only makes sense that the art and science of curing any dis-ease must be a NOETIC one. This practice recognizes our integrated relationship with the universe as a whole, which includes our relationship with God or Gaia- whichever term you wish to use to represent the collective whole. I want to point out here that God is also in nature- big time, so taking care of nature and the environment is another way of taking care of ourselves and strengthening our relationship with God by facilitating the necessary communion of God’s message in spiritual energy that is delivered through this living medium- it is this living medium that sustains our animated architecture (bodies) on this planet. God (the Universe) made a clear statement as to how important nature was by giving us so much of it. If we didn’t need nature, we wouldn’t have been created with the requirement to eat it- we rely on nature for our very existence and we can’t pollute it and expect to not only suffer right along with it but suffer in similar ways. The structural integrity that provides for life in nature is identical to ours so when her systems are destroyed and depleted so is ours in an identical fashion. When this is accepted and this truth is built into a healing treatment, a passionate reverence for nature will spring forth and a new perspective will be born in the consciousness. The resulting rise in consciousness and the quantum effect on the body from the person’s new awareness will cause and sustain an integral healing event that will reestablish communication between the ailing parts of their protein machinery and the environmental parts that sustain them. We require an abundance of unadulterated sources of not only chemical (nutritive) “parts” from the environment but those of the subliminal realms that nature provides as well. Walking through a wooded forest certainly has a far different impact on our thoughts and feelings than walking down New York’s Fifth Avenue. Quiet contemplation next to a tree in a park is going to serve up far more effective healing experiences from nature’s environmental energy than being absorbed by the hustle and bustle of daily, mostly life force depleting, activities of industrial living. Of these activities, which ones do you think provide for the physician within and align with the bodily functions that produce health? Just as today’s industrial living is sucking the life out of those living and producing in it, it is sucking the life from our planet.

Our environment and the information received from it, both dense and subliminal, must be in alignment or resonate with that which or bodies built a wisdom within each cell to co-exist with and use for repair and replication over three million years in order to experience the kind of flourishing health we all are capable of having. Remember, we are fully integrated; we can not experience enhanced health while the planet is dying! It simply doesn’t work like that! We are not separate from it in any way. With this understood, we can assert that the only sustainable method of healing is a truly holistic one based on noetic truths; one that serves to heal the person’s entire being through doing also that which is necessary to heal the person’s immediate and extended environment. Noetic Health activism which includes healing the planet and the discontinuance of exhausting its resources must be prescribed in all treatments for any dis-ease because it is usually the views of isolation- that we are separate from those around us and our environment- that is the fundamental cause of dis-ease which sets in motion the thoughts and activities that support that perspective! So not only will these Noetic Health treatments serve to heal the physical dis-ease of the host, they will touch on the existential root of the dis-ease and help to heal our planet which is also necessary to heal humans! Disease can not be viewed nor treated as an event that is unique to and restricted to the body! It exists in the mind and the environment as well- in fact, in most cases that is where it originated! Those of us that take to heart the fact that we are one with our planet live very different lifestyles than those that do not; we recognize that toxic waste a hundred miles from us makes its way to us and depletes our life force as well as the area it is manufactured and unloaded in. In fact, toxic psychiatric medications are so prolific in our society that they are actually showing up in our drinking water! What this demonstrates is that we can not introduce toxicity into our bodies without harming the planet and others nor can we harm the planet without harming ourselves. It is also true that the overuse of the planet’s energy sources is depleting our personal energy sources!

The denaturing of our environment (food, water etc.) which inflicts denatured conditions upon our bodies is the number one source of dis-ease today and springs forth from our audacity that believes we are above nature and can live without it. The waste, toxicity, and denaturing of our food and living conditions is destroying our resources for health and separating us from the environmental particles and energies required to sustain our physically animated lives.

The logical solution then, is a fully integral Noetic Healthcare system that includes all living things and focuses on reuniting us where we are becoming detached by re-establishing communion with our environment and the reverence it deserves for its contributions to our very existence. People have to understand that we are the earth’s stewards, not its owners, and we must make ourselves accountable by taking responsibility for its suffering and ours.
The Principles of a Noetic Healthcare System

The integral model toward health requires a noetic view of life.

Orthomolecular medicine provides the perfect response to dis-ease and re-establishing health because it serves a fully integrated Noetic Healthcare system that goes far beyond our anatomical or physiological bodies and in a fractal biological way. In the view of orthomolecular medicine, the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm and vice versa- “as above, so below”- I love those quantum physicists of biblical times! They understood this well before the sophisticated machinery was built to test and validate these theories! Where do you think they got their information from? The wisdom of how to function and flourish is built into each and every one of our cells and the “truth” is built into our consciousness as a result. The biblical reference, “as above so below” is consistent with quantum physics which is the foundation of fractal environmentalism, which I will present shortly, and declares that everything which affects the cell affects all aspects of our being because the microcosmic cell is an identical miniature replication of the sum total of the universe in which it resides; and the sum total is an exact macrocosmic replication of the microcosmic cell. What this means is that because we are made from the identical energy vortexes that make up nature and everything else in the universe, whatever is affecting the biosphere is going to affect our cells in an identical fashion.

Because our consciousness is the reporting mechanism of the sum total of each cell in our bodies and what they are experiencing in their environment, when we become chemically toxic so do our thoughts and emotions as well as the situations we create in life. For this reason, the chemical toxicity which creates internal imbalances and deficiencies can be witnessed in external imbalances and deficiencies in our life events, circumstances, and personal and professional relationships. To avoid being misinterpreted I would like to note here that there truly isn’t any internal or external, us or them, there or here, because we are all intimately connected and intertwined via the subatomic energies from which we all emerge.

For a true and complete healing transformation to occur what is not working within the cell needs to be studied in relation to what is not working outside of the cell which will demonstrate the exact same characteristic of the cell abnormalities. Everything that influences the cell’s environment must be taken into consideration and it must be respected that those influences are integrated into every process of the cell. There are integrated systems that produce life and there are agents that dismantle the life producing systems and cause what we experience as death. Without this fundamental understanding of how we are intricately integrated with the environment we live in we will not be able to achieve the paradigm shift that produces the total transformation required for the absolute healing experience. You can not separate you from your environment, your mind from your body, nor your biochemistry from your thoughts. Without a noetic consciousness, a quality of spirit required for healing is lost due to a lack of reverence for that which sustains us. The complete paradigm shift required for a total healing transformation is disabled by the host’s incorrect beliefs that cause them to view themselves as detached and isolated from the whole, and the energy exhausted maintaining a perceived existence of separation as a result; this causes an enormous stress on the mind which downloads into the body. Conversely, a belief system built on a noetic perspective of integration of which all truth springs forth heals us because recognizing this truth puts the conscious at ease causing it to resonate with the source energy and environmental provisions that sustain us. When this noetic consciousness is achieved a very powerful healing event occurs because the host is resonating with the energies from which all life emerges. The “light” we see in a healthy person’s eyes is their energy resonating with that of the source energy which causes a harmonic resonance called constructive resonance and you can feel it; that is why it feels so good to hang out with these people- they are good medicine because they help you resonate with the source energy as well! If you suffer it is because you do not understand the truth. To bring in a little help from Jesus Christ on this subject: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Free is free- of everything including suffering and that can only be found in recognizing and accepting the truth. A great sidekick to truth is joy because the truth is pretty fabulous!

Your perspective is your master pharmacist so your thoughts and emotions have a very real and profound effect on your cells thus your overall biochemistry. When we begin to adopt belief systems from isolated and fragmented events and lose the noetic view and awareness of the universal truths we begin believing in things that are as limited as those events were that shaped those beliefs and this alone can initiate dis-ease because this initiates separation. As I said, if you suffer in any way it is because you do not understand the truth which rests in the inclusivity of all. It is beliefs that in any way do not embody this truth that restrict the flow of energy through the consciousness which out-pictures itself as stress and dis-ease in the physical body. It is these incorrect and limited beliefs which are not aligned with the noetic truth that block the expression of the spiritual energies that caused that truth from flowing through you and suck the vitality of your life out of you which leads to loss of quality of life and ultimately dis-ease. Your master pharmacist (perspective) is structured by your belief system so you must choose your beliefs carefully and choose only those that support noetic consciousness which rests on the fact that we live in a fully integrated world separated by nothing except the inaccurate beliefs adopted by those whom do not understand who and what they truly are. And in actuality even the inaccurate beliefs do not separate us, those too are illusions. Nothing separates us! The more you see your oneness with the planet, the more at peace you will be with it, the more life you will be capable of enjoying, and the more responsible you will be toward yourself and the delicate ecosystem that sustains us.

The Fully Integral Repletion Model (FIRM) developed by a Noetic Healthcare perspective includes provisions to replenish not only our own bodies and restore our energy (spiritual), and nutritive (dense) resources but that of the biosphere’s body and spirit. Gaia; the inseparable whole of our earth, is not only a living organism it is as much a part of us as we are a part of it; therefore, the only sustainable healing model must be a universal one; a universal one that heals and replenishes each and every cell of our body while healing and replenishing the planet as a whole. The planet needs the very same healthcare treatment strategy that we do: to detoxify and replenish. We can not limit healing to just ourselves as isolated individuals as if we are separate from everyone else and the environment because we are not. This view will never meet with any personal success because no-one can be truly healthy in a dis-eased biosphere; we must address the biosphere’s health issues as well. We are not the only ones with our dis-ease; our dis-ease is a symptom of the planet’s dis-ease; our stress is a symptom of the planet’s stress. Toxins are weakening our cell membranes in identical fashion as carbon dioxide is creating a hole in our ozone layer causing both organisms to experience a “global warming” and leak water into their environment. Actually, excess carbon dioxide has an identical effect on cell permeability as it has on the ozone layer of the biosphere. Oil being exhausted from the earth and the “metabolic” by-products from its burning are drifting around (toxins/carbon dioxide) causing identical symptoms in humans and the earth’s biosphere; a torn, rigid, membrane/ozone layer. We can not experience sustainable health while living in a biosphere suffering on the edge of the next major mass extinction. Therefore a Noetic Healthcare system must respond to this truth by providing a universal model of healing; something I call Fractal Environmentalism. Fractal environmentalism focuses on the five key influences in the cell’s environment that threaten or sustain our health. Fractal Environmentalism calls upon ecomedicine, which focuses on all points of integration between the human cell and the planet to heal us and the planet concurrently. Ecomedicine is the only medicine capable of hosting a comprehensive healing event; the only sustainable and fully transformational one. What’s good for us is good for the planet and what is bad for us is bad for the planet. For instance, over consumption of refined sugar is bad for us and it is also bad for the planet because sugar is not only the underlying cause of hundreds of epidemic dis-eases today such as diabetes, insulin resistance, and cancer, but companies are logging and burning down virgin rainforests to plant more sugarcane to feed the enormous appetite of the parent of all addictions! Ecomedicine nurtures those conditions that sustain our cells while correcting the environmental conditions that cause the dis-ease of those cells. Through using ecomedicine to correct the conditions that ail us, we heal the planet as well. Ecomedicine is practiced through conscious consumption which reaches into energy resources and their usage, corporate practices, industrial operations, food and animal farming and handling / processing, international policy etc. These businesses exist only as a result of what you have chosen to eat, wear, drive, drink, produce, and use. Every aspect of our lives is affected by our irresponsible consumption and acts against nature that has caused 99.9% of the illnesses we suffer, as well as many gene abnormalities (due to environmental conditions we caused previous to the conception of the child). Both our enormous appetite for “things” and the processes we’ve created to produce them that have absolutely no reverence for nature has caused the toxic and deficient conditions we have created of the earth’s ecosystem; the earth’s biochemistry, which is entirely the cause of and congruent with the toxic and deficient conditions in our biochemistry.

The evolutionists and creationists need to dismiss their tunnel vision and/or personal agendas built as a result of their limited views and experiences and learn from the greatest teacher of all, the teacher of inclusiveness; nature, that it is not and has never been one or the other, that the universe and all that inhabits it is the result of a cooperative and sustaining relationship between both evolution and creation.

We must put all the differences we have been made to think we have aside because those are being out-pictured in our biosphere as well in the environmental effects of war and other crimes against humanity. Those differences you are being led to believe you have with others is being used to create fear within you and that fear is being used to enact many crimes against innocent people and our planet. Remember this one?: “fear nothing but fear itself.” This fear that is being generated on a global level to pit man against man- two men that don’t even know each other who actually have identical needs is absorbing the energy, environment and the resources that could be sustaining both their needs and the resulting pain and destruction is stressing both our planet and each and every human being on it. Instead of following nature’s design and creating a cooperative and sustainable environment for each of us to flourish we are killing each other and exhausting our resources to do it. Anyone who thinks that we are not affected by the pain of all war-victims is not getting a word I’m putting on these pages.

We must put those differences we think we have with our neighbors aside because those are causing us to suffer the injustices of international corporations forcing their poisons upon us and our planet. These multi-national companies are using our government to create laws forcing us to consume their products (vaccines / psychiatric drugs) because we are too fragmented as a community (thus far) to unite and stop it. Can you see how separation causes death? Because we have not yet united as a people to say “no” to psychiatric drugs, children, the elderly and everyone in between are dying every day as a result in addition to the quality of millions of lives that are lost every day due to the dysfunction and detachment these drugs cause. Thinking that we are separate from our environment has given those that believe such nonsense license to destroy it because they actually believe that they are above it and immune to it and will be untouched when the exact opposite is true. The proof that we are not separate from our environment is in the hundreds of epidemic illnesses of today that the psychiatric and dis-ease oriented pharmaceutical industry has made a bundle leading you to believe their products can fix or heal. We are not free agents; nothing could be farther from the truth, and that truth can be found in your medicine cabinet. Any notion that we are separate is an illusion and acts born of that illusion create dis-ease and death. We must stop being fed by the illusions of others whose views are products of their products and look within for the truth. We must become a humanity that first recognizes what we all have in common because that is the only view that is going to save us from the next mass extinction and because it is the only view aligned with the universal truth that all is inclusive / integrated. To save ourselves and our planet we must act in accordance with the reality that we are all subject to the health of our biosphere; that each and every process that sustains the cell must be provided for by the environment and the identical processes found in our biosphere and earthly resources must be protected and supported by conscious consumption.

We must put all our differences aside because it is the resulting feelings and thoughts of the ensuing isolation that creates the illusion that we are small and insignificant and that we can’t make a difference.
You must understand that not only can you make a difference; you must understand and take responsibility for the fact that you already have.

Conscious Consumption is Fractal Environmentalism

Conscious consumption is fractal environmentalism in action and it is its core value. Conscious consumption heals us and the planet by putting an end to the denaturing of all living creatures and the planet through toxic waste, depletion of resources, and use of food poisons, lab fabs (organic and synthetic toxins), and bio-technologies (GMOs) that are threatening the very architecture of life as we know it.

Each cell is a microcosm representation of the human body; it has its own digestive system, lungs, liver, endocrine and nervous system. The human body is a microcosm representation of the biosphere we live in. The universe at large is a macrocosm of the cell. To sustain life, each cell must “communicate” with others to produce the awareness of the environment necessary for it to survive. If the cell is “de-natured” meaning essentially, ex-communicated from the whole then it dies because it loses communication with its environment. This is what is causing the diseases today that are growing in epidemic proportions – humans, through pollution (denaturing of the biosphere), and processed and poisoned foods (denaturing of our food supply), are being disconnected from the biosphere and the biosphere from humans. The integral relationship that cells and the environment have developed over millions of years is deteriorating so quickly that our ability to adapt is made impossible and the final result is dis-ease. The dis-ease of the planet is represented in dis-ease of the body and the consciousness expressed through that body. Our improper and irresponsible consumption of energy; be it oil, “food”, or material items that are entirely useless and represent nothing more than rape of the planet is making the human race toxic to the environment and a threat to its survival. One fundamental sustaining principle of all life is homeostasis, or balance, and the majority of us are living lives that are entirely out of balance with our environment.

The farther humans are from nature in both their living environment and their dietary practices it seems the more they think they can live without it and it is this audacity that is the underlying cause of the epidemic illnesses of today. Until reverence for nature and our environment is restored and lifestyles are rebuilt to be aligned with nature, we will continue to harm ourselves and this planet until we reach the critical mass that determines it is too late to do anything about it. Just as cancer can reach a point where it is too late and the condition becomes terminal beyond all efforts to reinstate the architecture and processes of a healthy body, that condition of no return can also be suffered by our planet which will mark the end of humanity as we know it.

Fractal Environmentalism focuses on the integral relationship between humanity and the planet and in light of this absolute threat we live with today, Fractal Environmentalism will have to be practiced to save our planet. Saving Gaia will be accomplished through practicing true ecomedicine that saves ourselves. Fractal Environmentalism responds to this crisis of global dis-ease we face with the understanding that the cell is the microcosmic replicate of the planetary macrocosm and they both experience the exact injustices simultaneously. So if we make the right decisions for our own health we will by default provide for our biosphere’s health and restore the planet to the flourishing ecosystem it once was. Fractal environmentalism focuses on cleaning up commercial farming so that we can provide our bodies with nutritive ecomedicine (foods and herbs) that will restore our bodily processes, and avoid being poisoned by the very things that are supposed to be sustaining us; it responds to global warming by discontinuing the use of energy sources that fill our lungs and the earth’s lungs with toxic carbon dioxide; it responds to industrial waste by discontinuance of consumption of products from companies that create toxic waste; it responds to the mental health crisis by discontinuance of the toxic drugs that pharmaceutical companies sell to treat conditions that are typically born of toxicity in the first place.

Ecomedicine and exercising conscious consumption of food, energy, industrial products, and our environmental resources is an absolute necessity in reversing the global dis-ease that is progressively turning this last century into the progenitors of the sixth mass extinction. Fractal Environmentalism, through the practice of conscious consumption, will detoxify and replenish humanity while doing the same for the planet.

Will it be too late when we realize we can’t live without unadulterated nature? Acting like we can is destroying it. Will nature be so destroyed and our health be such the same that we are unable to one, recognize the changes that need to be made because we are void of the reverence for that which sustains us; and two, be strong and wise enough to make the right ones? Will we ever realize that it is our destroying of the ecosystem and subsequent lack of its original integrity in our food that is causing our epidemic dis-eases? Will we ever realize that our own integrity, both physical and spiritual, is lost when we forget who and what we are and discontinue replenishing ourselves in these areas? Will we ever be responsible to the fact that we are spiritual beings donned in a physical cloth made from nature and we must be stewards of nature to enjoy the cloth? All dressed up and nowhere to go never had more meaning! Many of us are too tired, dis-eased, stressed and depressed to do much outside our front doors! I hope we all come to recognize the source of our suffering, but it will have to be soon because time is truly running out for our physical temples and the earth that sustains them.

Our irresponsible consumption has made multi-national food and pharmaceutical companies diabolical heavyweights that now own our media and educational venues, and are using our government to force the use of their products upon us using our courts and police to do so such as the case with psychiatric drugs and toxic, potentially deadly vaccines that are prescribed for a fabricated cause. Police are actually showing up at U.S. citizens’ doors and taking children away from their parents because they refused to give them toxic psychiatric drugs that are proven to cause children to kill themselves and others as well as have been linked to a long list of mental and physical dis-ease. We have got to stop this toxic adulteration of our planet, bodies and minds now to have any hope of changing things before it gets too late.

To be good Fractal Environmentalists we must always be conscious of how our consumption affects both ourselves and our planet and act according to the laws of health that apply to both of us.

The Most Popular Quantum Physicist Cancels Out the Primacy of DNA

Jesus Christ taught that, “The kingdom of heaven can be found in the mustard seed”; and this is absolute truth. Each and every atom possesses the identical source energy that makes up each and every form of life and the worlds they live in. This is the crowning statement for both fractal biology and fractal environmentalism.

To demonstrate how important fractal environmentalism is as the center focus of integral healing, I must first demonstrate how important the environment is toward the health of each and every cell in your body. In order to do this I must begin with dismantling the Primacy of DNA dogma we have all been led to believe by scientists hoping to learn the mechanics of life so that they may control it- or sell the info t2o pharmaceutical companies so they can patent it and their products in an attempt to own and control it.

It is the environmental conditions that damage the neuroendocrine system and create the epigenetic recipes for addiction to alcohol, food/sugar, OTC, street, and pharmaceutical drug dependency. It is also the environmental influences that cause 97% of known dis-eases. We now know that we must stop looking at DNA and for a gene that produces addiction and dis-ease, because we now know that genes are not self-emergent- or self-actualizing; they do not turn themselves on and off and are unable to express themselves without certain conditions in the cell’s environment being met that allows them to do so.

It is the environment that dictates gene expression!

Cell Meets Environment
The Beginnings of Awareness

The prokaryote cell membrane performed all the functions required for the cell to survive on the planet; the membrane itself eats, digests, breaths, excretes and is capable of "neurological" processing. However, even this primitive single cell realized that through increasing its awareness, it would increase its ability to survive (humans should follow this wisdom more often), so it set up shop to do so. Since the nervous system is the organ, or community of cells, responsible for the awareness of the cell’s environment, it began to internalize all other functions to increase its awareness by developing organelles within the cell to take care of all but the job of the nervous system which continued to reside on the membrane. The surface of the cell, or cell membrane, is the most advantageous place for the cell to receive signals from the environment and feed them to the internal cell structure to take care of the rest of the business of survival. Cells with internalized organelles are called eukaryotic cells and the human body has about 50 trillion of them.

Receptor proteins receive signals from the environment and via a G-protein provide information about that environment to an effector protein which then relays information to regulating proteins. Regulating proteins are the proteins that unsleeve and read gene information, and it is the information the regulating proteins receive from the environment that is used to determine what genes will be unsleeved and read. This is what ultimately encodes RNA instructing it as to what proteins to make and biochemical processes to initiate to survive in the environment in which the cell resides. So, the real progenitor of health or disease is our environment, this is why our environment is so important! The environment dictates cellular function- not genes! And the reason why nutrition is so important is because if there is not a sufficient supply of the required materials to build proteins and initiate biochemical functions, the cell will not be able to survive in its environment. This applies to the front end of the operation as well; if there are not enough cellular materials to accurately communicate the environment to the cell, this will also cause a malfunction in the protein machinery that responds to the cell’s environment and initiates appropriate adaptation, repair and replication processes. This is also why sound bioenergetic function must first be addressed in order to experience any sustainable healthy outcomes from energy medicine treatments.

When the eukaryote cell found its individual surface capacity (peak individual awareness) after internalizing all functions except that of the nervous system (membrane which monitors the environment) it then began communicating with other cells in order to continue increasing awareness of the environment and created communities of cells which made organs to replicate the inner cellular organelles; skin (membrane) to cover the internal organs (organelles). Then as humans, this mechanism of increasing awareness to survive began showing itself in their banding together in groups to respond to their environment and secure their individual survival interests through collective agreement (nervous system of the conscious), and assigning tasks to members of the tribe to fulfill the functions of the community organism to accomplish that goal. However, every tribe developed a different understanding as to what survival meant due to their unique experiences with the environment and the actions required of the group to survive in it, so they developed protection systems (immune system) to secure their survival resources and processes so that they may continue to carry out the functions that support the survival (interest) of the community which are identical to the cellular functions that support the same: to increase awareness (develop a collective consciousness with common priorities), eat, repair and replicate among the tribal members. After all, each and every one of us wants to create an environment that serves, protects and maintains our ability as creators to manifest the tangible fruits of our consciousness because it is a way of communicating with others our understanding of the environment and it ultimately increases our collective survival. Everything that has ever been created; things, events, music, paintings, writing, the internet, philosophies, etc. was done so to connect with and build on a collective awareness. Our inborn need to create is our truly fundamental goal in life. From our physical bodies we bring forth children; from our consciousness we bring forth forms of matter and events. It is our effector mechanism (actions) which naturally respond to our receptor mechanisms (awareness) feeding us information about our environment via our G-protein (perspective).

Our ability to create from our awareness is the macrocosm receptor – effector process of the consciousness that replicates that of the neurological function of the cell. This how our perspective is becomes our master pharmacist; the consciousness houses the receptor (awareness) – effector (biochemical reaction) mechanisms which convert our awareness into biochemical and dense particle reactions which determine our health, personalities; reaction to stimuli- people, places and things- everything about us- which all depends on how you view your environment! This receptor – effector process is not on autopilot; it is our perception of our awareness, or our G-proteins which interprets the environment and then carries perception modified information to the effectors that control how the effectors will respond which determines how we respond to our environment and makes us who and what we are.

I say that this process isn’t on autopilot; however, this is not entirely true. Our subconscious has downloaded many of these receptor-effector processes embedding many of our reactions to people, places, things and events deep into our neuro-net. So long as they are reactions that serve a balanced and happy life capable of evolving harmoniously with our environment this is great, however, when they don’t we need to “rewire” the sublime neuro-net and free ourselves from life limiting, destructive processes embedded in our subconscious that cause ourselves and others ill health and suffering, and act to place limitations on every aspect of our lives.

Darwin’s primacy of DNA dogma was only a hypothesis that has never been proven- it has actually been disproved; it is truly just an urban legend that was repeated so many times it was assumed as fact. The environment defines the functioning of the cell, not DNA. Genes do not turn themselves on and off; they are not self-emergent. So you can stop thinking that your genes are responsible for your health maladies this minute! In fact, it is that type of thinking that will cause you illness while your innocent DNA is functioning just as perfectly as it was meant to function. In fact, because it functions so perfectly, when you program it with your thoughts to cause illness (fear, worry, anger: products of perceived separation), it won’t cause, but it certainly will produce illness because that is the signal your thoughts and emotions are providing and calling upon it to produce! There will never be a gene found to cause an illness. Only about 3% of actual dis-eases are a product of true gene abnormalities and this is because it is the actual gene that is not put together right, so when it is read from it won’t respond to its environment properly. 97% of us came on this planet with perfectly working genes. Certain genes are found to be associated with illness because when a consistent environment is provided such as chronic toxic levels of alcohol in the system, in an attempt to survive in that environment the cell will call upon (unsleeve) certain genes to help it adapt to the alcohol and therefore that gene will be present or “active” more than what has been established as normal in a healthy environment. But it is never the cause of the dis-ease; its activity is a product of the signals it receives from its environment.

So when a gene is “linked” to an illness and this “link” is explained using the primacy of DNA it is putting the cart before the horse. Genes do not decide which one will be more active or read from. It is the environment that controls that. This means you can change gene expression by changing the environment and this is the fundamental truth that promotes the fact that to heal the cell you must change the cell’s environment. This also means folks, that there isn’t and never will be a gene responsible for any addiction including alcohol addiction! You are not a victim of your genes, you are a victim of your environment and you can change your environment!

We must correct the cell’s environment and to do this means we have to become Fractal Environmentalists and utilize ecomedicine to detoxify and replenish our environment so that our cells may thrive. In the view of orthomolecular medicine all dis-ease is a product of some form of malnutrition. We need human parts to repair and replicate humans and malnutrition renders us increasingly void of those parts while toxicity dismantles what is left.

Orthomolecular Medicine Applied to Fractal Environmentalism

The Noetic Healthcare System

Orthomolecular medicine reunites the denatured cell with the various “parts” such as nutrients and subliminal energies that it is deficient in. This reunion awakens the physician within that possesses the wisdom of millions of years of adaptation and survival and initiates a healing event. This by default creates health because the sole purpose of this physician is to provide a gateway for the energy of consciousness to flourish and “experience” life (awareness).

In the future as in the past, the most successful breakthroughs in medicine will be “noetic” ones born of research carried out by the observing minds and hearts of those scientists, healers, doctors as well as every day people caring for themselves that recognize and respect that the source energy that creates and sustains our lives resonates with two very powerful and functional truths. First, that nature (all of creation) is a cooperative, self-sustaining entity of which all living creatures are an integral part- so health is your natural state. And secondly, that dis-ease affects the person and their environment as a whole and vice a versa. So in order to create a truly transformational healing experience, you must address not only the organism as a whole, but the organism’s relationship with the totality of its environment.

Research and the contemplations that inspire the visions that eventually become healing practices, treatments, and medicines will only be universally effective when they are founded on and respond to these universal truths.

Dis-ease is nothing more than a cell or a group of cells becoming progressively unable to support the survival functions of the parent organism that sustains its life. This leads to cell death and can ultimately lead to the death of the parent organism if enough cells die to compromise the functional integrity of that parent organism’s survival mechanisms. So the true meaning of healing is the event that takes place when conditions provide the means for those dis-eased (detaching) cells to re-establish communication and functional integration with its environment. Healing is a symbiotic event between the cell and its internal and external environment and is accomplished when communication between them is re-established to the point where they once again support the parent organism (you) in the fashion they were designed to do so. This internal healing process will out-picture itself in your physical world; you will heal and establish various methods of communicating with your personal environment that supports and sustains your home, personal relationships, community, and the world.

What is very exciting about our opportunities today that will lead to developing extremely successful treatments for all dis-eases is that we have a unique and very promising horizon of new healing practices and medicinal agents inspired by visionary healers that can draw from both the volumes of information that Newtonian physics and research models have produced exposing the nature of biology (matter), as well as the new found respect and willingness to study and practice the philosophical truths passed on for thousands of years and embedded in spiritual views that recognize the noetic reality of energy being the source of all matter; that we are all one and one with our environment. The “glue” that connects all matter is energy from which it emerges. Energy is the building blocks that we architects use to create matter and a comprehensive biological to spiritual approach to healing reunites the full spectrum from dense to sublime energy. Approaching recovery this way provides the “glue” that reunites the frequencies from dense to sublime that are suffering interference. Essentially what you want to do is reconstruct channels of communication between all the necessary energetic frequencies or bioenergetics involved in animating your life from your spiritual source energy.

What you see as reality today is nothing but a product of the intent and desires of humans interacting with the universe up to this point; the sum total of the energy funneled through their consciousness which creates matter, and events when that matter interacts. You are both the creator and the witness to that matter and energy and as such can change it at your command or be victimized by it simply by not utilizing your power of consciousness to architect a life that manifests your desires. Energy healing includes many disciplines but they all have one thing in common: they open gateways that facilitate channeling the universal energies of creation within us all and provide methods to train the mind in the art of focused intention that literally creates your reality including the state of your health. Learning how to use the consciousness to focus pure intention is the most effective way to put you back in the driver’s seat, manifesting the health and the life you desire. However, you must first clear out the subconscious of any limited, wrong, or self-destructive beliefs or thoughts so that you may open your consciousness to the superior energy of pure intention which is naturally aligned with the architect of life. Limited or destructive beliefs and patterns will only sabotage your attempts at manifesting your desires and will churn a lot of your energy in the process because if what you want and what you believe you can have are not aligned, way too much effort is exerted and energy lost trying to obtain even minimal results if any. This energy drain causes stress which adversely affects the body and mind and further detours you from achieving your desires.

Consciousness is the witness of energy and matter communicating daily but the subconscious is the progenitor of how that information is used most of the time. Once the subconscious is cleared of wrong or destructive beliefs and a subconscious run on noetic beliefs is installed, you can train the consciousness in the art of focused intention to attract that energy you wish, be the architect of the matter created from it, and build the healthy, brilliant life you see in your highest vision for yourself. “You are created in the image of God”; you are a creator! You will easily manifest your desires because your thoughts and actions will always be aligned with pure intention based on universal truths which creates harmony within you as well as in your relationship with others and your environment.

The goal is to use the knowledge of matter and the power of energy (spirit) through intentional, focused consciousness to manifest health through bettering our relationship with our internal and external environments.

There has been no other time in history when we were positioned so well to derive from both the sciences of matter and the understanding and respect for energy-spirit, an understanding of the universe and our relationship with it to develop not only medicines, treatments and healing practices to address physical (dense) dis-ease, but the awareness this understanding provides can be used to retrain the sublime energies of our psyche to focus on noetic consciousness. An all inclusive noetic consciousness will repair interpersonal relationships that have been fragmented by incorrect mass consciousness thought created by fear, insecurity, and perceived isolation. This will enable you to reconstruct vibrant, healthy, mutually satisfying personal and professional relationships based on universal truths that nurture interpersonal channels of communication between you, others and the environment.

The Mechanics of Orthomolecular Medicine Practiced From a Noetic Consciousness

Disease is given an environment to flourish where any views of separation are entertained because the truth is we are one, not only as a human race but with all creatures, the earth and universe as well. Any act, gesture, word, attitude, education, medicine or treatment that improves communication between any animate or inanimate entity will improve bio/ecochemical and sublime harmony in this world and is considered good medicine.

The most successful treatment models for any dis-ease are and will always be those that acknowledge and incorporate the center point of where all things are integrated and for the human this is the cell; where the sum total of the environment is experienced. Since all dis-ease is some form of detachment from the forces that sustain health found in nature and truth, fractal environmentalism should be the fundamental focus because it is this noetic perspective that recognizes that every cell in our body is a fully functioning microcosmic replication of the universe we live in, including the planet we live with, and the environment we have created. Healing the earth through healing our body and mind is the fully integrated method of health and wellness for all.

The physician within resides in the center point where all things are integrated and it is the focus of the orthomolecular practitioner to reunite an individual who is suffering dis-ease with the laws of nature and truth which provide both the dense and sublime energies that heal. The fractal environmental focus helps the individual make the right choices for healing through acknowledging how his/her actions and consumption affects our planet. The physician within is not limited to humans, by no means; when we make the right decisions for the planet, the same universal physician will restore balance and allow our earth to flourish once again. And believe me, I have been a practitioner witnessing how quickly humans heal when their cells are provided a truly healthy environment for 20 years now, and it is absolutely awe-inspiring to see someone fill up with light where there was both mental and physical pain and suffering for decades and heal so quickly as a result. While the root damage can take sometimes a year or so heal, the symptoms of physical and mental dis-ease disappear in less than a month! I have complete faith that we can heal this dis-eased planet- but it will certainly take a critical mass of healing consciousness and actions to do so. In order to reach that critical mass, all of us must make ourselves responsible to build awareness and pierce through the present day mass consciousness that is a product of years of propaganda and lies by multi-national companies that own the airwaves, opinions of the public, and governments. Most peoples’ thoughts and opinions are only products of the information provided by those selling their products! Many people have become so hypnotized by the mechanics of daily life drenched in misinformation and junk science created to sell toxicity as medicine and poisons as food that unfortunately they have forgotten who and what they are; spiritual entities in a physical cloth made by nature! And therefore they absolutely must use nature to elicit any kind of genuine healing event; you must use human parts to repair humans! We have got to urge people to look within for the truth and there is no better way to demonstrate the truth and inspire their willingness to do so than to use the ecomedicine I’m sharing with you to heal yourself and the planet; shine bright and be a grand example of the truth.
Healing the Microcosm: Gateway to Healing the Macrocosm

Five primary environmental influences that determines cell function

Everything in this world is interconnected and for that reason one area of your life can’t suffer without it affecting all other areas of your life in varying degrees unique to each person. On the flip side, one area of your life experiencing replenishment and healing is going to affect all other areas of your life as well.

Health is defined by our ability to absorb, channel, and utilize energy. The fundamental methods of inspiring healthy bioenergetics and increasing the body’s ability to do these things are orthomolecular treatments focused on totally correcting individual cellular and cellular community (organ and skeletal) subluxations (dislocation / detachment on the micro and macro levels) by opening channels for, and aligning the energy vortexes of our bodies. This raises our unique vibrational frequency to levels that resonate better with the source energy. A harmonic resonance occurs and source energy is amplified and allowed to fill our bodies and flow through them with no obstruction and the least amount of energy used to absorb, channel and utilize it. It corrects and heals by providing the subliminal signals of pure energy that carry the blueprints and the architects of life to each and every cell. Chiropractors do this by correcting spinal abnormalities which provides better communication between cells and organs as well as increases blood flow to nourish those cells and organs.
The five influences that affect cellular functions are:

Structure- Nutrients (dense, chemical energy) are the building blocks that architect the gateways for energy to flow and vibrate
Mind- (expressed in sublime energy) Thoughts – consciousness, awareness, perception
Heart- (sublime energy) Emotions, feelings
Toxicity- dense and sublime energies which are isolated from their natural source, reduced (stressed) and concentrated (closing off energy). This category represents poisons such as pesticides, industrial waste, pharmaceuticals other legal and illegal drugs, food additives, MSG, Aspartame, environmental pollution etc. Unfortunately this is a very long list. And please remember, ALL toxic drugs are illegal in the body!

This category also represents people, places and events that are toxic; removed from source energy mindfulness, stressful because they are stressed, and concentrated (focused and active in creating an unhealthy, imbalanced lifestyle).
Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) – cell phones, microwaves, satellites, radiation, computers etc.

The first order of business in ecomedicine applied to Fractal Environmentalism is to correct your biochemistry – your internal biosphere, as well as you can with the present day options to initiate a total healing transformational event. This prepares your body for the far more profound and effective subliminal orthomolecular treatments applied by mind/body energy or vibrational healing methods. Energy is far more powerful an influence on the cell than dense matter because processing matter takes energy from the cell- it must unwrap the food to get at the energy and this is a very consuming task for our protein machines. This process is very slow and energy consuming compared to the elegant delivery of sublime energy directly into the cell. However, it is a necessary one, because when the dense energies are not working well they only serve to block and deflect the energy coming in from the sublime fields, so it is absolutely necessary to first correct your biochemistry by providing the most lush nutritive environment, void of as many toxins that you can in order to open up the gates of delivery (receptors/effectors) so that you may benefit from energy medicine.

The next step is to get involved in cleaning up sources 1 and 4 above for the planet; nutrition and toxicity.

You must become a conscious consumer in all respects and learn how your consumer choices affect the planet as a whole. From there you can make educated decisions on what is best for you and your planet. Practicing conscious consumerism is never easy- not at first anyway until you figure out the jungle and how to avoid products that poison you and our planet. Toxic consumerism is a convenient option until you land in the hospital or develop some illness from it. So come on, people, get out of the teepee and figure out how to live in the forest without being poisoned. Our ancestors did and so must we.
Remember that it’s not just your food supply that should be organically produced and from naturally raised, ethically handled animals, but everyone’s should. Commercial farms are some of the most criminal toxic offenders against us and the planet. Pesticides are killing nearby animals and causing them dis-ease; GMO foods are painting a very scary picture for the planet as we know it and we are experiencing the effects NOW; and animals are being injected with hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs that should be in no creature’s veins or mouth.

You must get involved in changing the way commercial food farms are allowed to operate and make them clean up their growing techniques (pesticides and biotechnology- genetically modified foods) by holding them to ethical growing practices before profit driven ones.

You must get involved in changing the way animals are treated on commercial farms. The diet and conditions they suffer are inhumane. The diet is no good for them nor the person that eats them. On the subliminal level, eating animal meat from a creature that has been tormented all its life and in pain transfers that molecular memory energy to the consumer because those thoughts, emotions and fears are encoded in its protein machinery.

Get political and put pressure on our government to disallow any toxins or food additives in foods that do not serve health. This includes Aspartame, MSG, all neurotoxic and dis-ease causing chemicals. No chemicals should ever be put in food for consumption by any creature.

Make industries convert their energy resources to sustainable ones and force them to practice planetary ethical business. No more toxic waste; there is nothing we need so much as to cause ourselves and our loved ones the suffering their toxic waste produces. Let them know that by discontinuing to buy their products.

Help stop the planetary rape of our resources from oil wars to rainforest burning. Companies are burning rainforests to make room for soy and sugar crops that do nothing but harm us and the planet!

Get involved in pushing back on the government’s attempts to force us to submit to vaccines that we don’t need and only cause dis-ease and death. This is nothing short of torture and murder! The lives destroyed by the mercury and other chemicals in these harmful and deadly vaccines is witnessed in many modern day epidemics such as autism. And all of this is a result of the pharmaceutical industry pursuing profits by using junk science to lie to government officials regarding both their need and efficacy.

We must all take personal responsibility and use our energy resources wisely. Turn off lights, use full spectrum lighting, drive clean energy vehicles, get involved in your community and find ways to make it a green and sustainable one. Look for renewable energy sources in every way you go about living. Saving the earth’s energy saves our energy. Less money spent, less for you to work for, and more for you to enjoy!

You must eliminate the middle-man. When you stop using unethically produced products you reduce the power of multi-national companies and ease the oppression these companies impose on you and your planet. Your mindless money spent is their power and your conscious consumption is their kryptonite. Multi-national food and pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder and the only way to stop them is to stop buying their products. By doing this you will also help the planet in all areas that require your help. For instance, when you stop buying processed foods that make your body toxic you ease the demand for them and this reduces the toxic waste spilled out into our biosphere. The cans, boxes and plastics alone that these foods come in are creating an enormous toxic assault on our planet. When you eat food the way it was meant to be eaten, there are far less containers to pollute the earth and food additives to pollute you. Again, Fractal Environmentalism at its best.

Stop eating sugar. It is a drug and could quite possibly be the parent of all addictions and cause for hospital visits. The sugar industry and its products have murdered millions of people. Their products bring forth nothing but a slow, painful stroll to the grave. They are wiping out the rainforest to grow more and more to satisfy the addicted appetites they’ve created and the consumption of this drug leads only to pharmaceutical pills to quell the symptoms of the damaged neuroendocrine system, and graves filled with the bodies of your loved ones until one of the many diseases it’s known for gets to you. It is also ruining our children’s childhood producing memories and traumas associated with psychiatrists, psychiatric drugs and the parental and societal punishments practiced for over-active, unfocused, emotionally unstable children. How would you feel if you were so jacked up in your body you couldn’t sit still to even calm yourself and find relief from the feelings that are driving your crazy and you were beaten, punished or scolded for it? Well, most adults are feeling that, but are not smacked around or sitting in the principle’s office listening to everyone discuss how much you disappoint them and what a mess you are.

Stop supporting multi-national companies that are raping our planet and bodies while causing death and dis-ease by discontinuing using their products! You have to understand that it is you that gives them their power and it is you that can take it away. Conscious consumption is the only way to make the changes that need to be made; it is clear that our government enforces the interests of those with the power and money that supports it- take away their money by not using their products and you take your power back to be represented by your government.

You must get involved in all political movements to stop the pharmaceutical industry from drugging our citizens and innocent children. Their drugs are doing nothing but providing chemical lobotomies and this toxic drugging is now being forced upon us. Parents are having their children taken away from them for not giving their children toxic drugs! I am the President of Green Body and Mind; please go to –get educated about the atrocities of the psychiatric industry being inflicted on our citizens and get involved in stopping it. This toxicity and its damaging effects is felt by all of us from the individual victimized by these drugs to the human race being controlled and poisoned by them – by 8both the experiences and events this toxicity causes (school shootings, disease, death, chemical lobotomies etc.) and the fact that there are so many people on anti-depressants now that traces of them are actually showing up in our drinking water! The psychiatric industry is a crime against humanity and the planet!

Thoughts, Emotions and the Planet

The planet experiences humanity’s collective consciousness; the joy, suffering, everything in-between and vice versa. Concurrent with bio-repair of our body and brain, the other thing we have to do to heal is to practice methods that raise our awareness and cleanse our conscious and subconscious of all thoughts of separation, and begin nurturing a noetic consciousness that is fully awake and recognizes that everything is integrated on this planet and universal truth rests in the inclusivity of all things. That in fact, the truth is a product of the center point where all things integrate. This will remove fear, worry, and the hell of perceived isolation which produce thoughts and actions that cause separation, dis-ease and death.

Religions in their purest form are supposed to be there to train our consciousness in spiritual truths; I don’t know what went wrong, but now they seem to be at the root of the bloodiest wars. I don’t know how “Thou shalt not kill” turned into “God bless America” while we go rape, pillage and kill people of other nations. The people of great cultures, ours included, which have so much to share toward increasing the planetary awareness for humanity’s collective survival through the arts and sciences and other sacred expressions of their culture are instead using both their environmental and human resources to harm and murder each other.

Our needs for survival are no different from theirs- we are no different from them. We need the same things they need and we don’t want the same things they don’t want. Governments and corporations have caused people to think that just because another country’s culture is different that as humans we’re different and that difference makes the other evil. As a result of this misinformation and mainstream media’s ability to misrepresent citizens and activities of other cultures they have brainwashed kind, loving men and women into the idea that it is okay to kill another human being. Why do you think our children who are lucky enough to come back from war are so traumatized? Because it is wrong and unnatural to kill other people. The ones fighting these bloody wars and suffering the loss of family members as a result never gain anything (as if there is something to gain from war). The only winners are the governments and companies that gain more power and make more money from them.
So in order to stop this global separation of communities of people we must learn from our own bodies how healing thoughts and emotions of inclusiveness will heal our body and mind by practicing spiritual and other energy medicine disciplines that keep us focused on an all inclusive noetic consciousness that channels and nurtures those thoughts and emotions. This will make our consciousness a rich soil for those thoughts and emotions to emerge from and emanate outward into our lives creating a positive field of change first in our community and then the world. Allow your all inclusive noetic consciousness to create your political perspectives and be sure your words and actions follow your noetic beliefs. Embrace all nations and seek to pierce through the lies that separate us so that you can see the truth that unites us. This will take the power away from the war mongrels and fear brokers and place it back where it belongs; with the truth in action through you.

Energy Medicine for the Fractal Environmentalist

Sublime messages are thousands of times more effective toward healing when the cell can be penetrated and affected by various frequencies of energy that promote healing bioenergetics- so first bio-repair is necessary to “make the soil rich” for the very useful and effective mind/body energy healing treatments / methods.

After the diet has been corrected, toxins are removed and a nutrient rich environment is provided, there are many systems of mind/body energy healing that will both clear the subconscious and retrain the conscious for noetic thoughts that awaken the consciousness and feed loving, healing energy into the mind and body. I’ll provide a list, but I encourage you to play with them and find what “resonates” with you best.

Religion: in its truest form. If the place you are practicing your religion is teaching any kind of fear or hate it is not a religion focused on the truth; it is quite the opposite and you need to find others of noetic spiritual interests to celebrate, grow, and learn with.

Authentic Shaman Healers

Systems that help retrain the consciousness and promote eco-ethical activism on both the micro and macro levels:

The Integral Institute and many other noetic conscious organizations
Tai Chi
Qi Qong

Sources of healing and corrective energy:

Sunlight- get plenty of sunlight!

Rest- get plenty of rest and take some time in the middle of the day to re-center and recharge.
Good company: surround yourself with only those that provide loving, kind and supportive energy. I align myself exclusively with those helping to paint a better picture for humanity- they are really cool people to hang out with.
Reading and activities that support noetic consciousness. Get active in the solution- it really does make you feel better and you get to be a planetary superhero in the process!
Nature- spend as much time as you possibly can with the jeweled crown of the planet!

Orthomolecular practitioners that provide treatments which correct both dense and sublime subluxation are:

CES – Cranial Electro-stimulation Therapists
Massage Therapists
Physical Fitness Trainers
Pilates Instructors
Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Unnatural expectations on our time and resources, the mind boggling bits of information we process daily as a result of living in the “information age”, and the neurotoxins in food and environmental pollutions are over stimulating our nervous system and exhausting our internal resources required for homeostasis which makes it impossible for us to adapt to our environment. Fundamentally, it is the inability to adapt that we suffer from because our environment is changing faster than our adaptation mechanisms can keep up and it is causing many of the symptoms people are suffering today such as anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, inability to concentrate and many dis-eases which attack the nerve tissues and destroy neurological functions required for healthy states of mind. Now electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers, televisions, appliances such as microwave and cell phones, and satellites are identified as the number one source of neurotoxic stimuli that is causing nerve disorders and mental distresses that are being diagnosed as mental illness. In reality this is metal illness- we have too many electronic devices! Once again what is harming us, harms the planet; these devices are causing multiple grievances upon the planet and at the same time their usage is being linked to brain tumors, anxiety, leukemia, birth defects, tension, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, accelerated brain deterioration, headaches, many neuroendocrine disorders (including addictive biochemistry), cataracts, heart problems, digestive issues, stress, nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and many other health issues!

We absolutely need to protect ourselves from EMF overload and reduce our usage of appliances that produce it. One way to combat EMF in your home is to buy an EMF Buster. You can get one and a lot more information on this subject at

Suit Up and Be an Action Hero

This introduction to Fractal Environmentalism is of course just the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to explore how your consumption affects the planet and to have fun with your journey. It’s truly exhilarating to wake up and recognize how much you are a part of everything; that you do have an impact, that you do count and that your choices do create change felt on a global level! The planet will become like a dear friend when you begin to realize how connected you are. I encourage you to find peace and comfort in knowing you are an integrated part of the universe. I encourage you to take that to heart and understand that if the planet is suffering so are you. I encourage you to spend time in nature as much as possible and let the trees teach you something. Nature speaks the truth; nature is the embodiment of the universal laws that represent that truth. Have you ever wondered why the sky art at sunrise or a day at the lake makes you feel so good? It’s because nature resonates with the brilliant, loving, all inclusive/omnipresent spirit within you and sings the universal truths in her vibrant colors and structural glory; nature is also a spiritual entity donned in a physical cloth and we both emerge from the same source energy; that truth is experienced in how it makes you feel- blissfully connected and whole. Harmonic resonance with this very powerful energy source will heal you. Treat it with the reverence it deserves and you will be rewarded with a very enchanted life!

Fractal environmentalism is the biological language of reverence for nature. Learn it, teach it to everyone- especially our children, speak it joyfully, make sure your actions are in alignment with your words, and be very, very proud – you are doing God’s work.

You can make a difference. You already have.

Secret to Personal and Professional Success: Do what you absolutely love to do with all your heart and surround yourself only with those that want to see you to succeed!

Live the pure life; focus only on loving yourself, each other and our planet; and being good to yourself, each other and our planet. Nothing else matters.

Pura Vida!
Genita M. Mason
Topanga Canyon, CA. Dec. 21 2007.

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