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Introduction by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. - Medical Director, The BioSanctuary Green Body & Mind Healing Center

Ms. Mason & Inner-Fit team up for another full house lecture on Shangrila Biospa's CORE Detox, Chelation and Individual Biochemical Corrective Analysis at In-Shape Health Club March 11th. Visit for more information.

A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Wellness in a Toxic World

genita petralliFounder & Medical Director of Shangri La BioSpa & Resort, Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. provides an 18 hour lecture series over the 6 week program on all aspects of Green Mental Healthcare based on her new book, Green Mental Healthcare A Comprehensive Guide to Mental Wellness in a Toxic World

Twelve 90 minute lectures on the most prevalent topics of today for staying healthy in the toxic jungle:

1) Introduction: Fractal Environmentalism – As above, so below – Protecting and healing the earth through conscious consumption and healing yourself.

What is causing the Epidemic Mental Health issues today that often lead to addiction and relapse?  How the heart of humanity’s survival mechanism, the ability to adapt to the environment which is the function of the neuroendocrine system,  is being overworked and unable to keep up with the rapidly changing environment and the chemical abuse of both the earth and all its inhabitants.  When homeostasis is lost as a result of the organism not being able to adapt and the tank being empty (deficient raw materials for the cells to function) physical and mental symptoms develop which often lead to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to do what the body and mind can no longer do for itself.

Green Mental Health Care – Sustainable health care that utilizes, assists and respects the natural healing process allowing the body to heal and maintain health naturally as it was designed to do.

2) Introduction: What is Orthomolecular Medicine
? – “Use Ford parts to repair a Ford” – Dr. Linus Pauling – father of orthomolecular medicine and two time Nobel Prize Winner (chemistry & peace).
Ms. Mason lectures on the application of Orthomolecular Medicine, what it is, it’s history and why it is the superior treatment / curative model for both you and the earth.

What is Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation? – Drug and alcohol addiction are not a disease; they are metabolic disorders resulting from a very elegant and necessary survival mechanism – adaptation.  Addiction at its core is neurochemical adaption.  The mind and body, in order to maintain homeostasis and survive, have adapted to a drug to compensate for its effects on the body so the body doesn’t shut down.  Conversely, it is what is causing the symptoms that is the true dis-ease.  Sometimes it is as simple as the damage recreational drinking and drug use / abuse can do that serves up the cravings and mental distresses people seek relief from, but other times it can be a list of causes from heavy metal toxicity and poor diet to childhood and/or sexual abuse that will certainly put enough stress on the neuroendocrine system that it becomes deficient in naturally medicating the body and mind and maintaining symptom-free, sound mental and physical health.

Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation uses the principles of Orthomolecular Medicine to make the cell’s environment nutrient dense and correct deficiencies in order to “awaken the physician within” and provide a means to get the nutrients in and the waste out so that the cell can do what it does best to heal itself, the organs, and the mind and body as a whole – repair and replicate and.  At this time neurochemical rehabilitation has occurred to the point of once again being able to use the natural elements in the cells environment for the cell to function healthyfully.  Neurochemical Rehabilitation involves detoxing the body/mind and then repairing the damage done by the toxic abuse.  It then employs full laboratory testing and counseling to discover the root cause of the attraction to drugs / alcohol in order to provide a full spectrum Orthomolecular treatment to heal the root cause and free the person once and for all from both the addiction and the symptoms that drove them to it.

Orthomolecular Medicine and Neurochemical Rehabilitation also involves the art and science of Environmental Hygiene, Functional Counseling (Integral Institutes Integral Life Practice) and Mind/Body energy healing techniques to create an environment for the organism as a whole (the person) to heal. 

The science that demonstrates the phenomenal results achieved by the mind/body energy healing treatments provided at Shangri La BioSpa & Resort such as Cranial Sacral, Cranial Electrical Stimulation, Acupuncture / Medical QiQong, Infrared Sauna (stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system) and Integral Life Practice Counseling will be presented.

3) Environmental Stress
– the inability to adapt – How the neuroendocrine system and particularly the HPA axis is showing signs of not being able to keep up.  The heat is on with the windows open.

4) Causes of today’s epidemic mental illness

5) Why Green Mental Health Care to address epidemic mental distress and addiction?

  1. What psychiatrists call medicine are toxic drugs that do not heal; they are linked to growing numbers of health issues, death by disease, violence, and suicide.  They cause hundreds of thousands more deaths yearly than illegal drugs.
  2. What is green mental health care? And why is it necessary for good mental health?
  3. What are the mechanics of and steps to neurochemical adaptation?
  4. What is orthomolecular neurochemical rehabilitation?  Detailed presentation showing the science of using natural substances to achieve what drugs are sought out for.

6) Food – the right criteria for the right choices.

7) Water – filters, wells, springs, and waterfalls

8) Environmental Hygiene: from toxic people to t.v. – Monsanto and Smith-Kline Free Living

9) Home – are the cleaning agents in your home making you sick? Cancer rates for those that work from home are higher than those who leave for the office and scientists are pointing to the toxic products used around the home and in the garden.

10) Personal Hygiene – all conventional products on the market today contain some if not many forms of neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and chemically poisonous products that are bypassing your liver through direct entry into the blood system through your skin.

11) Exercise – The average healthy person is exposed to over 3,000 toxins daily.  Established by a study where health conscious, pregnant women’s umbilical cords tested positive for this number of toxins.  

12) Adjunct Therapies: the value, virtue, vitality received by the practice of ancient and current mind/body healing methods that we call therapies that were once considered ritual.